No matter how carefully you plan, accidents sometimes happen. Whether you have everything you could ever need for your next beach getaway or a small family backyard BBQ beside the pool, accidental pulls, elastic issues, and other problems could crop up with your swimwear. Do you know how to do emergency swimsuit repairs?

For those moments when you don't have time to reorder your favorite Lime Ricki swimwear replacement, or you need emergency swimsuit repairs now, we can help you with these easy tips to repairing your suit!

Supplies to carry with you for emergency swimsuit repairs:

  • Travel sewing kit that includes at least 2 safety pins, thread, and needle.
  • Swimsuit patch kit if available
  • Hot glue gun (Yes, really!)
  • Large rectangular scarf


If you find that your swimsuit has a sunscreen stain or an area where the fabric seems worn, in an emergency when a secondary suit is not available, some quick on-the-go embellishments or a stylish cover-up may easily cover these places as well as adding a fresh new look.

If you forgot your favorite suit coverup, you could easily make a no-sew coverup quickly!

Scarf Sarong

Have a lightweight, extra-long rectangle scarf? Easily knot the scarf around your waist or crossed over your front, and then tied behind the neck for a gorgeously simple coverup that looks on-trend and comfortable. An easy and quick fix to hide any swimsuit flaws when you need to without needle, thread, or any sort of extras.


Have a favorite bow, tie, or even costume jewelry piece that is floating around in a drawer or an extra hair accessory in your luggage? With your travel sewing kit, a few stitches, or even hot glue in a pinch (but try and add a stitch or two so you don't lose it in the water) can cover a spot, stain or accidental tear quickly.

Unexpected Saggy Top

If you suddenly experience the straps sagging or snagged one and stretched it, you can alter your swimsuit straps with a no-sew quick fix.

  1. Determine excess strap length, trial and error are perfectly fine here as no sewing is involved.
  2. Turn your swimsuit or swimsuit top inside out.
  3. Lay the garment flat as possible, the back facing toward you, and grab a safety pin.
  4. Gather fabric on the sharp end of your safety pin, making what looks like three 'waves,' of fabric.
  5. Close your pin and arrange the fabric to lay flat.
  6. Try on top. If it is too tight or too loose, repeat steps 4 by adding more fabric to shorten, or less to loosen.

Patch Kits

Did you know there are handy, portable, easy to use swimsuit repair patch kits? When you don't have a sewing kit with you or if you don't know how to sew, these patch kits are available at any sporting goods store or online.

Mending a Hole in Spandex or Stretch Fabric

If you notice too late that your packed swimwear has a small hole, don't panic.

What you'll need:

  1. Needle
  2. Thread
  3. Fabric adhesive
  4. Scissors
  5. Flip the swimwear which you will be repairing inside out and lay it flat. Take your fabric adhesive glue and place it around the hole to be repaired. Slowly and gently, pull the suit together so the adhesive sticks to the sides and flip inside out to ensure it's not a noticeable pull. The benefit of stretchy swimsuit material is that it can easily stretch without being noticed, especially if the hole is small and in a discreet spot like under an armpit.
  6. Finish the repair by darning around the edges for added support in case the adhesive comes loose.

Tips and Tricks for Sewing Swimsuit Fabric

  • If you have a sewing machine handy for your repairs, consider having stretch needles, specifically creating for stretchy fabrics like swimwear on hand. Additionally, if you're the crafty type and want to repair hems, having double needles will give your repaired swimsuits that original professional looking finish.
  • Use polyester thread in your repairs so it will be durable and stand up to chlorine or saltwater.
  • If you need to use pins for sewing repairs, consider always trying to pin inside the seam, as pins may leave more tiny holes!

The best way to combat accidental tears, stitch unraveling, or everyday accidents that might tear your swimsuits is to be prepared, so next time you're getting ready for that well-deserved vacation, whether it is on the tropical island of your dreams or in your backyard—keep these essentials:

  • Travel sewing kit (Needle and thread)
  • Waterproof fabric adhesive or swimsuit patch kit
  • Spare fabric
  • Coverup or a large scarf

You'll be ready to tackle any of life's accidental occurrences no matter what.

July 07, 2020 — Nicole Bruderer