At Lime Ricki, we've been given so much, so we're making it a priority to give back.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and this year we've teamed up to donate a portion of sales from our Flourish and Bloom Collection to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Breast Cancer is a cause near and dear to our hearts. Nicole was diagnosed with breast cancer three times in her twenties and has the BRCA1 mutation that makes our family especially at risk. Jennifer also carries the mutation, and fought (and beat!) ovarian cancer in her 40s. While Colette does not carry the mutation, she held the special role of being the world's best cheerleader and supporter throughout our treatments. 

Charity Water

Additionally, a portion of your purchase goes to Charity Water, an organization that brings clean and safe drinking water to developing nations. We think every human deserves the right to clean drinking water.

Help give back with your Lime Ricki purchase, knowing contributions from every sale go towards helping others. That is a lot of good you're doing. Feels good, doesn't it?

Watch this short video with Jennifer Connelly or learn more about Charity Water on their website and how they help bring clean and safe water to every person on the planet. You can also read about ways to make a difference on our blog.