At Lime Ricki, we care about the quality of our swimwear and our customer's satisfaction. We use high-quality fabrics so that your swimsuit can offer the coverage and support that you're looking for so you can feel comfortable and confident! Proper care for our nylon-spandex blend swimsuits will keep your suit soft and color-rich, and will add longevity to the life of your swimsuit.

Washing your swimsuit by hand will help preserve the integrity, color, and life of your swimsuit.

Rinse it straight away.

Whether you have just come out of the pool, the ocean, the lake, or the inflatable pool with your kids, the most important first step is to rinse your swimsuit immediately. This is especially crucial after swimming in a chlorine pool.

Alternatively, you can soak your swimsuit in cold water for up to 30 minutes after it is worn. Soaking is even better at removing any chlorine, salt, sweat, or sunscreen that may have accumulated while in the sun and water.

Gentle soap only

We recommend hand washing your swimwear, skipping the detergents, and not using anything with bleach or moisturizers. Use a very gentle soap that is color-safe and will not harm the fabric of your swimsuit, like Joy dish soap.

Hand wash

Using cool water, fill the sink and add a small pinch of soap.


Gently swish swimsuit in your cool water but avoid wringing it as it will damage the fabric. Drain the sink once the swimwear is clean and rinse thoroughly in cool water.


Skip putting it in the dryer--that will definitely wear out your swimwear's elasticity. Instead, let it drip over the sink until manageable, then lay it on a flat fluffy towel. Roll the towel up tightly and gently squeeze until it is damp, then hang it up to air dry.