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A dream collaboration come true! Brittany Watson Jepsen is the founder of The House that Lars Built, an award-winning craft and design site focused on artful and colorful living started in 2008. Brittany has curated and designed a collection of florals inspired by her time living in Denmark: wild flowers, daisies, meadows. "I wanted to bring them
together in celebratory prints in colors that reminded me of my time there," Brittany said.

Here's a little pronunciation guide to these Scandinavian-inspired prints:

Margrethe: [Mar-great-uh] Our sweet daisy print is named after the current Queen of Denmark, Queen Margrethe II. Her name actually means daisy and so this is our ode to her. Also fun fact: Did you know that there is a route in Denmark that is 3600km long and takes you to the most beautiful parts of Denmark? It’s called the Margrethe route and the signs have a big daisy on it! 

BlixenBlixen is our moody wildflower print and is named after author Karen Blixen, who famously wrote Out of Africa. Every time I go back to Denmark I visit her beautiful home on the east shore of Sjaelland. She was a huge flower lover and kept a gorgeous wild garden that is still maintained today. One of her hobbies was to create impeccable arrangements from these flowers.

Tage: [tay-uh] I wrote about my love of floral artist and sculptor, Tage Andersen, years ago. Think of Claude Monet transplanted in modern times though the wardrobe stays the same. His shop in downtown Copenhagen is other worldly. He also transformed a Swedish country palace into a remarkable farm and home with his handmade sculptors and gardens. Visiting Gunillaberg changed my life. He is a famous floral artist to the queen. We named our gingham after him for his refined eye.

Claus [not like Santa, but like clow-s]: Claus Dalby is probably Denmark's most famous gardener. He has a charming youtube channel where he teaches how to recreate his famous tulip container gardens and other marvelous gardening tips. Our yellow oversized floral print is named after him because of his exuberant use of the floral form in his Aarhus gardens.

We've paired these fabulous prints with our classic styles, like the Double-cinch Tankini, Peplum, and all-time customer favorite Knotted crop. We also have crop styles available in the Bralette and Shoulder-tie Crop. Our new and improved Square-neck Tankini is part of this collection, as well as our new swim-dress (with a built-in one-piece underneath, making it perfect for all outdoor and beach activities, or even a lunch at a seaside cafe), Shoulder-tie Onepiece, and the always popular Knotted One-piece. Finally, our Classic One-piece is a patchwork dream while our new One-piece Rashguard is the perfect suit for coverage and movement (think surfing and water-skiing)!  Our selection of bottoms will keep you feeling comfortable and confident: our Ultra high-waist Reversible bottoms (two bottoms in one!), High-waist Bottoms, Bike Shorts, Boy Shorts and of course our High-waist Skirt. We've got something for every one in the support, coverage and prints and colors that you're looking for. We know you'll love this colorful, botanical collection!