Our suits are made in responsible factories in the U.S.A. and CDMX. We value the long relationships we have built with both of our factories and consider them not just partners in our business, but also friends. We visit the factories each year (often multiple times each year) to ensure our our suits are sewn with the quality and care that we expect, and to make sure conditions and practices are safe and ethical for all of the sewers and workers. 

Manufacturing: the process


Manufacturing process

 Additionally, all of our swimwear is produced in small batches to reduce our environmental impact. We do not order over-stock fabric so we can reduce excess yardage, and we look for creative ways to use remnants, like making hair scrunchies, or using it for prototypes in the design process. It's important to us to be as responsible as we can throughout the manufacturing process. 


A note about the Retro Sunshine Collection, 2021:

Due to manufacturing delays and a shortage of supplies brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic, our factory in Los Angeles, CA was unable to produce the quantity of swimsuits needed this year to keep our business running. After a long search and a rigorous testing and sampling process, we found a manufacturer in China that could match the quality that Lime Ricki is known for and produce our Retro Sunshine Collection. While this collection was made in China, the remaining collections for the 2021 season were all sewn in our factory in Los Angeles. Rest assured that each item from this collection was sewn with the same level of high-quality materials and care that goes into every Lime Ricki swimsuit and we are confident that you’ll love this collection as much as we do!