Making mastectomy friendly swimwear is a cause near and dear to our hearts. Our founder Nicole was diagnosed with breast cancer three times in her twenties and has the BRCA1 mutation that makes our family especially at risk. Founding sister Jennifer also carries the mutation, and fought (and beat!) ovarian cancer in her 40s. Colette, the last founding sister, does not carry the mutation, she held the special role of being the cheerleader.

Each mastectomy friendly suit has a double lined shelf bra with soft foam sewn in bra pads, and a slit for a prosthesis to be inserted. We use the term "mastectomy friendly" to refer to a specialized feature incorporated into swimsuits designed for individuals who have undergone mastectomy surgery.

These swimsuits include a built-in bra that is lined with fabric on both the inside and outside of the bra. This double lining adds support and structure to the bra, providing comfort and security.

Within the double-lined shelf bra, soft foam pads are incorporated. These pads serve multiple purposes, including providing shape, modesty, and comfort to the wearer. They can also help enhance the silhouette of the bust area.

One of the most important features of mastectomy-friendly swimsuits is the inclusion of a discreet opening or slit in the bra area. This opening allows for the insertion of a breast prosthesis or additional padding. The slit provides a secure and comfortable placement for the prosthesis, allowing the wearer to feel comfortable & confident while wearing the swimsuit.

Overall, these features are essential for providing comfort, support, & confidence to those who have undergone mastectomy surgery, enabling them to enjoy swim more & worry less!