Buying a new swimsuit can be very exciting. Seeing all the cute new styles available to purchase, knowing that you'll find the one that just fits perfectly and fills you with confidence to get out there and enjoy your summer. However, if you have some older swimsuits that you no longer want to wear or keep, you may be wondering, can swimwear be recycled? There are a few different ways to recycle your swimwear, that way you're keeping it out of the garbage bin and helping some others in the process.

Can Swimwear Be Recycled?

As far as putting in the recycling bin and making them into something else, no, swimwear can't be recycled in that sense. However, that doesn't mean that you have to throw out your old swimsuits or items you don't want anymore. There are other ways to recycle those suits to give them a new life after your time with them.

  • Organizations. There are several organizations out there that will take old swimsuits and even rash guards or wetsuits. The wetsuits are turned into yoga mats to have a second life helping bring peace and awareness to individuals. The swimwear can be donated to an organization called Bras For a Cause, they'll accept all swimwear and donate it to breast cancer survivors, homeless shelters, and other women's organizations around the world. If the swimwear is a bit too worn to give away, it will be incorporated into artwork that is sold with the proceeds going back to organizations looking for a cure for breast cancer. This is a great way to clean out your old swimwear while giving it a new life and allowing yourself to do a little bit of good with your cleaning out.
  • Donate to a friend. Do you have a friend who's a similar size to you? One way to recycle swimwear, and even other clothing, is by doing a clothing swap with friends. You can fill up a bag or box with items that you no longer want or need and can let your friends go through it and choose what they want. Anything that's left can be donated to an organization who will give it to those less fortunate. It's a great way to have a "shopping day" if your friends are trying not to spend too much, and you all will get to wear new styles with your "new to you" clothes.
  • Redesign it. If you're rather crafty, you can take older swimwear pieces and redesign it into a whole new outfit or something new entirely. Perhaps you can take your old suit and make it into colorful hair ties for those hot summer days. Or you can take several suits from when you were growing up and make a cute memory blanket for yourself or a loved one to have. Make a tote bag that you can take from one place to another and eliminate using plastic bags.
  • Give them a new life. If you have a suit that you love, bring a new life to it by adding new elastic to a worn suit or even cutting a one piece into a cute two piece top to match with those new high-waisted bottoms you found. This way, you still get to keep the majority of your suit, and you have what will look like a brand new swim top.

While they aren't the traditional options for recycling, there are many ways to recycle swimwear and give your suits a new role in your life or in someone else's. Not only that, but you are clearing out your closet or dresser for you to put a new suit in that will last you for several years and give you new memories to think back on and remember.

July 07, 2020 — Nicole Bruderer