With the summer heat warming everything up, you'll be ready to jump into a pool or ocean or lake in no time. With the right swimsuit, you can feel confident and ready to take on the long summer days that this season brings. However, when looking at various swimwear, including ours, you may be wondering why do swimsuits have lining?

If you've been shopping around and keep seeing some suits that say fully lined, you may be wondering what that means and why it's important to your shopping needs. When you shop for a new suit, you are likely focused on a couple different aspects, mainly the print and what it looks like, and then the fit style, so high-waisted, crop, classic, etc. All of those aspects are extremely important in ultimately deciding on the perfect suit for you this summer, but the lining is also important. The term fully lined, when discussing swimwear, means that the entire piece, whether it's a top, bottom or one piece, has a layer of fabric that is behind the visible print or color that you see. This lining is usually a neutral color, either a nude or a white. The main purpose behind it is to ensure that your swimsuit doesn't become see-through when wet. Obviously, this is a very important part to swimwear, as no one wants a swimsuit that is so thin and not lined that when you add water you'll be needing a cover up immediately.

Not only does it help to ensure that the fabric isn't showing anything it shouldn't when wet, it can also help to make the swimsuit a bit thicker, so the outline of the suit on you doesn't show anything it shouldn't. Swimsuit material is generally a nylon and spandex blend, which makes it great for water, as well as contouring to various shapes, and while that's important, it's also important that the suits don't show too much of anything, wet or dry.

Finally, lining can help to add support to the overall structure of the suit. This can help it to retain its shape without stretching out, as well as help the suit to last longer and offer you better support. After all, you are choosing these suits because you want to have fun in the sun knowing that you are properly covered, supported, and as cute as possible. Especially for women who have larger busts, having that extra support is a necessity to keeping you comfortable for your day on the water. In some cases, our swimsuit tops will be double lined in the bra area featuring foam cups, so you have all the coverage and support you could need. The double lining offers even more support than just full lining, so you can rest assured you are getting the support you need while out and about. This will help you to avoid any discomfort while spending time with friends or family and feeling confident in your suit.

What If a Suit Says Unlined?

Before you panic, that doesn't mean that the material this suit is made of will show anything that it shouldn't if it gets wet or if you just wear it out. Some suits are made of different material that can be thicker than others, which would make the use of a liner unnecessary. However, most suits, especially those on our site, are fully lined, so you don't have to worry about anything other than how adorable that suit looks.

Keep in mind though, that certain sizes may need fully lined tops or even double lined tops for added support and comfort. There are a variety of suits in our selection that meet those needs as our suits were designed for every body type that is looking for a cute and modest swim top to wear this summer.

July 07, 2020 — Nicole Bruderer