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Head Wrap How-To

Head wraps are such a wonderful invention but a lot of people don’t know how to do them! So here are some instructions, of one look we love, to help you out. We promise you’ll love this for beach days or nights out…They are also a great substitute for ‘hat days’ or when your hair just isn’t working out. Step 1: If the scarf is square, start by folding it in half into a triangle shape.  This scarf was particularly large so she folded it over a little bit to make it smaller. Step 2: Drape the scarf over your...

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Panic! At The Disco - Ready to Go

Panic! At The Disco - Ready to Go

We are love’n this song, just as much as we are love’n the music video. Happy Monday! Posted by: Jordan

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Spotted :: Men's Striped Trunks

Hukilau Beach, Oahu Photo: Sam Sukimawa

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Summer Bucket List :: Go Barefoot

We know, this sounds pretty silly, but it’s actually really great. It takes you back to your childhood. Think about it; did you ever wear shoes as a kid? We sure didn’t. Think about playing in your yard, the sandbox, the street, riding bikes. No shoes involved, huh? It’s funny to think about how much we put our feet through. How did we stand the heat back then? A few seconds of hot asphalt now is just way too much to bare. There is something so satisfying about walking around barefoot. Don’t be afraid to get your feet dirty, just...

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Vampire Weekend - 'Giving Up The Gun'

Vampire Weekend - 'Giving Up The Gun'

Still a great song and video. Posted by: Jordan

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Style :: Summer Hats

Floppy hats are very much “in” this summer season. We love them; they are the perfect summer accessory! This hat gives most outfits a very classy look. They are best worn with sun dresses and bathing suits when at the beach, lake, pool, etc. Depending on how floppy the hat is (seriously) you may not want to wear them when you’re out and about; they tend to be difficult to have conversations in unless you intend to not look at anyone. Just stick to wearing them to shade yourself from the sun. Top: A few of our favorites this season...

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