Sunglasses are a staple summer accessory for both fashion and functionality. With so many varieties and styles, it’s tempting not to collect a set of shades for every day of the week! Regardless of the number of sunglasses you have, you probably have your go-to favorite pair.

I know my favorite style is the aviator. But why? Is it because the style best suits my face shape or is it because I feel a little extra glam when I slide them on? Maybe it’s a little bit of both. According to some intense research combined with my own opinion, this is what your sunglasses say about you and your personality.

Aviators // These aren’t just for cops anymore. With color options ranging from basic brown to Lucky Charms rainbow, the aviator has charted new territory. Depending on the size and hue of your aviators, you might be an assertive and self-assured person. A favorite of Pretty Little Liars star Shay Mitchell.

Round // The drama dahling. Making sure to leave the go-go boots at home, these statement specs can be understated or supersized. Hipsters, musicians, and artists are typically drawn to this type of frame so you’re probably a creative if sporting these two-disc frames. Made famous by legendary fashion icons like Jacqueline Kennedy and supermodel Twiggy.

Ray Ban Wayfarers // A certified classic. These have been around for more than five decades and like a classic “they never got out of style, they never go out of style.” If these are your go-to, you embody simplistic urbanity and a no-fuss attitude. An accessory staple of Taylor Swift.

Cat Eye // Made popular in the 50s –  the era of poodle skirts and sipping one milkshake (with two straws) with your crush, these exude a bit of sass. If you’re seen sporting these you’re probably a little retro and lot confident. Audrey Hepburn wore an oversized version of these in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, with a side of pearls.

Heart Shaped // Nothing says fun-loving like a cute pair of heart-shaped sunnies! If you’re drawn to these babies you’re most likely a little bit flirty and the life of the party. A summertime showstopper worn by Katy Perry.

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April 07, 2015 — Nicole

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