Shopping for swimsuits when you’re pregnant is one thing; shopping for swimsuits when you’re nursing that little human is a whole other animal. Fortunately, nursing-friendly swimwear does exist for breastfeeding mamas—you just have to know what to look for!

That’s where our team comes in. We want you to enjoy your busy, on-the-go summer at the beach or pool without feeling panicked about how you’re going to feed your child comfortably in public. Here, we’ll talk about our favorite nursing swimsuits and features to search for so you don’t have to compromise comfort or style.

Factors to Consider

The swimwear market is flooded with several options, which can make the task of choosing a nursing-friendly swimsuit feel overwhelming. To guide you in the right direction, consider these things:

Functionality: Nursing swimwear should be thoughtfully designed with convenient options like removable or easy-to-untie straps. The key is to choose a swimsuit that suits your preferences, ensuring you won't have to struggle with removing a damp suit each time your child is hungry, only to put it back on after feeding time is over.

Color/Patterns: It's no secret that milk tends to leak. Opting for certain shades and patterns, particularly darker and/or busier ones, proves to be more resilient against the unavoidable, good-ol’ spills and leaks often linked with nursing. 

Adjustability: As your body adjusts to postpartum life, choosing a nursing swimsuit with adjustable straps ensures a snug fit that can adapt to changes in the months ahead.

Now for the fun part: specific examples!

Tankini Tops

A woman wearing a patterned nursing swim top and swim bottoms

A tankini top with built-in cups is one of the most popular choices for breastfeeding moms. This nursing swim top offers the convenience of easy access for feeding while providing the coverage and support every mom desires. Plus, thanks to the cups, you can easily put nursing pads in. Look for adjustable straps and stretchy fabrics to accommodate changing breast sizes.


A woman showing what the back of a nursing swimming suit looks like

Speaking of adjustable straps, we are big fans of halter-style swimsuits for nursing mamas! The halter-neck design typically involves ties or a clasp at the back of the neck, allowing easy and quick access to the chest for breastfeeding. This feature makes it convenient to feed without having to remove the entire swimsuit. The adjustable neck ties also provide a customizable fit, which is—again—particularly helpful for changing breast sizes. Finally, halter-style nursing swimsuits offer good coverage around the chest area, which is especially helpful if you’re not used to your new cup size yet. Confidence and comfort? Check and check.

Adjustable Shoulder Ties

A woman wearing patterned nursing friendly swimwear

Similarly, adjustable shoulder ties or straps function the same way—there are just two of them instead of one. Shoulder ties allow for a customizable fit, easy access, and versatility. What’s nice about having two ties is you can leave one side done up while nursing on the opposite side and then switch to the other, ensuring more coverage if you’re in public.

One Shoulder

A woman wearing nursing swimwear with her hand on her hip

The asymmetrical design of a one-shoulder nursing swimsuit provides easy access to the breast for nursing. Moms can simply lower the shoulder strap (or untie it if it’s adjustable!) on the side they intend to nurse, allowing for discreet and convenient breastfeeding without having to remove the entire swimsuit. Plus, the one-shoulder design offers support and coverage that many nursing mamas prefer.


A woman wearing a striped zip-front nursing swim top

A zip-front nursing swim top is a practical choice for obvious reasons! This style features a front zipper, allowing you to adjust the opening for breastfeeding while providing a trendy and sporty look. Opt for high-quality zippers and durable fabric, and you’re in business.

Runner-Ups: Wrap-Style and Deep V-Neck

Similar to many nursing bras, a wrap-style nursing swimsuit is a great alternative. The wraparound design allows for easy access on both sides. A deep V-neck style also grants easy access. Our only qualm with these styles is the low-cut design, leaving chances for a different kind of spillage with your changing breast size. If ample coverage is not a worry to you, then go for it! We love to see a postpartum mama with confidence at the pool. If you want more modest options, however, Lime Ricki has got you covered—literally.

Nurse Confidently with Lime Ricki

A woman wearing a scarf in her hair and a patterned swimsuit posing against a rock outside

Being a breastfeeding mom doesn't mean you have to sacrifice style for nursing swimwear. At Lime Ricki, we carry modest, nursing-friendly swimsuits that prioritize both fashion and functionality. Whether you prefer a tankini, wrap-style, zip-front, or one-piece swimsuit, there's a perfect option for every mom. Plus, unlike maternity swimwear, a nursing swimsuit is something you can wear well into the future!

Embrace your postpartum body with confidence, and enjoy precious moments by the water with your little one in tow. Dive into comfort and style with these handpicked nursing-friendly swimsuits, making your beach days even more enjoyable.

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February 21, 2024 — RW 1 Lime Ricki

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