Another year is coming to an end, and what a wonderful one it’s been! We decided to spend some time looking back at our new looks and trendy styles so we can bring you the highlights - our favorite swimwear of the year. These stunning swim pieces have stolen our hearts, and based on our stats, you all feel the same way. So without further ado, we present to you, your top 5 swim pieces of 2022!

  1. 1. May Flowers Double Cinch
    This adorable swim top has consistently been one of the most-loved pieces out of our entire collection, and for good reason! With its adorable floral pattern and vibrant display of bright, cheery colors, the May Flowers Double-Cinch Tankini Top definitely deserves its spot on this list. This type of swim top is also one of the earliest styles that we designed, so it’s pretty special to us. It features a high neckline and crisscrossing double straps, which provides ample bust support and coverage. This is a great option for anyone who wants functional swimwear that’s as stylish as it is supportive. We truly love this swim top and clearly, you do, too!

  2. 2. May Flowers Shoulder-Tie
    You all loved the May Flowers pattern so much, you put it on the list twice! The May Flowers Shoulder-Tie Crop Top is an absolute dream, and we can definitely see why it was so popular this year. This top features the same vibrant floral design, but it’s paired with a sleek and stylish cropped silhouette this time. You still get plenty of coverage and comfort, especially when you pair this top with high-waisted bottoms. The tie-shoulder straps are a fan-favorite because they’re so customizable – you can adjust them however you’d like to create the right amount of support for your needs. It’s easy to see how such a versatile top made the list of our favorite swimwear!

  3. 3. Poppy Dots Peplum
    Over the years, we’ve found that what many of our customers seek the most in a swimsuit is support, and that’s what the Poppy Dots Peplum top does best! We have numerous peplum styles to choose from, but the Poppy Dots design has been one of our all-time favorites for a while now. This swim piece continues to be popular from year to year, and we don’t plan on seeing it go anytime soon. It features a subtle and simple floral design that’s truly timeless, and the peplum style is extremely flattering on all body types. We’ve always had a soft spot for the Poppy Dots, and we’re so glad you all are loving this piece as much as we do!

  4. 4. Poppy Dots Bralette
    We’re sensing a pattern with these Poppy Dots! We’re big fans of this design, and by the looks of it, you all are, too. The bralette silhouette is a classic, so we’re not surprised to see that you loved the look and fit of the Poppy Dots Bralette this year. Remember how we said everyone wants a supportive swimsuit? This is definitely the one! This top is so supportive, it can even be worn as a sports bra. Amazing, right? We think so! We have a feeling this swim top will continue to be a fan favorite as we enter the new year.

  5. 5. Hillside Floral Shoulder-Tie
    You really seemed to love the shoulder-tie style this year! Last (but certainly not least) on this list of our favorite 5 swim pieces of 2022 is the Hillside Floral Shoulder-Tie Crop Top. This swim top comes in another floral pattern, but the design is a stunning combination of blues, greens, yellows, and pinks. The result is a gorgeous look with an earthy feel that pairs nicely with almost any swim bottom. The tie-shoulder straps allow you to adjust the support to your needs, so you can be comfortable and confident when you hit the waves!

So there you have it – our list of the 5 favorite Lime Ricki swim pieces of 2022. As you can see, you all really loved the May Flowers and Poppy Dots patterns this year, as well as the functional yet stylish shoulder-tie styles. We must say, you have great taste! We’re excited to see what swimwear trends the new year will bring, and can’t wait to see how this list changes when we get to this time of year in 2023. And who knows? Maybe some of these pieces will be so popular, they’ll make next year’s list of our favorite swimwear, too!
December 08, 2022 — Lauren Nielsen

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