Everybody loves the holiday season and all of the joy that comes along with it, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be overwhelming at times. This year, you can avoid the hassle and get a head start on your holiday shopping by taking advantage of our upcoming black Friday deals! But the fun doesn’t stop there – we’ll have plenty of jaw-dropping cyber Monday deals to follow.

Now, we can’t give away much info about our upcoming sales, but we can do our best to get you in the holiday spirit! In this blog, we thought we’d talk a little bit about Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and the history behind the two iconic shopping days. Keep reading to find out how these events have changed over the years, and how you can prepare for this year’s sales!

What Is Black Friday?

You probably know what Black Friday is, but if you don’t, here’s a brief breakdown. Black Friday is the term commonly used in the United States for the day after Thanksgiving. Black Friday has been seen as the official marker of the start of the Christmas shopping season. During this sale, many stores offer their products at extremely discounted prices. There’s often a significant amount of promotion regarding Black Friday sales. You’ll see a ton of commercials, advertisements, and promotional emails when it gets closer to the date. This is no ordinary sale – many in-person stores open early on Black Friday. They usually open their doors at midnight, or sometimes even on Thanksgiving Day.

Where Does the Name for Black Friday Come From?

If you’re like us, then you’ve probably wondered where Black Friday got its name from. The origin is actually pretty simple – it comes from the standard recording process that many businesses use. In general, businesses have traditionally recorded their numerical losses in red ink and their gains in black ink. Many retailers report some of their highest profits of the year on this date, so it has since been dubbed “Black Friday.” Modern accounting software still uses this color-coding method, so even though technology has evolved, the name has stuck.

Times Are Changing.

It’s no surprise that Black Friday sales have changed over the years. One of the biggest changes is the duration time of these sales. For example, Black Friday used to strictly be a one-day sale. When stores only offered their sales for a limited amount of time, it encouraged people to shop as much as they could during that time. However, in recent years it’s become more common for stores to offer their black Friday deals for more than one day. Some Black Friday sales begin the day before (on Thanksgiving), while others can start as early as the Monday before. This gives customers more time to get their shopping done, but it means that Black Friday itself is no longer the biggest sale day of the year for in-person stores.

With such an increase in online shopping, the in-person aspects of the sale aren’t quite as intense anymore. People used to stand in line for hours outside of their favorite shops, just hoping that they’d get inside early enough to snag the items they had their eye on. While there are definitely still plenty of opportunities for in-person Black Friday shopping, many shoppers have decided to forgo the long lines in recent years. Instead, they opt to do their shopping online, which ultimately resulted in the creation of Cyber Monday.

Cyber Monday Sales Hit The Scene.

So what exactly is Cyber Monday, and when did it join Black Friday as another holiday shopping sale? If you didn’t know, Cyber Monday is the term used to describe the first Monday after Thanksgiving. It’s similar to Black Friday, except cyber Monday deals take place completely online. It’s often seen as an extension of Black Friday, except on Cyber Monday, customers can do all of their shopping from the convenience of their homes. Many people prefer taking advantage of this sale because they can avoid all of the chaos of in-person shopping.

Tips For Shopping Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales

This holiday season, you can expect to see some amazing deals for both Black Friday and Cyber Monday here at Lime Ricki. As we get closer to Black Friday, keep an eye out on our website for any new information regarding these sales. We also encourage you to subscribe to our email list. That way, you’ll be the first to know about any of our upcoming deals. You can find the sign-up information on our website!

While we can’t give away too much about our upcoming sales, we can offer you some tips for shopping during the events. If you’re interested, go ahead and check out our Flash Sale blog post. In that post, we spill all of our tips and tricks for making the most of an online sale. Most of those suggestions apply to Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales as well, so if you’re looking for ways to prepare for this holiday shopping season, it’s a great place to start!

November 18, 2022 — Tiffany

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