Since this was the Summer of Barbie, we thought we’d share some Barbie-ween costume ideas to create a Barbie-inspired Halloween costume using swimsuits! Halloween is a fun time for creativity and self-expression – an exciting night where we get to embrace our favorite characters and personas! While some may go for traditionally spooky or extremely elaborate costumes, others might need inspiration from quick, last-minute ideas. And if you prefer modest costumes (and coverage that just makes sense as the temperatures drop), you might be surprised by our tips for creating a last-minute modest Halloween costume with swimsuits.

Barbie Swimsuit Costume Ideas

Even if you're going to a Barbie party, there are plenty of looks you can achieve with your Lime Ricki suit to make a seriously adorable Halloween costume. Here are four more options for Halloween costumes with swimsuits that we think you’ll love:

• Lifeguard Barbie
Putting together a lifeguard costume with a swimsuit is a no-brainer! All you need is a red suit and a few simple accessories and you’ve got an instant costume.

The Suit: Cherry Square Neck Tankini Top and a red high-waist boy short
What You Need: A white hat or visor, a whistle, sporty slides or flip-flops

• Sandy from Grease Barbie
This iconic character is a Halloween favorite, and for good reason – it’s such an easy costume to put together! Here’s how we do it the Lime Ricki way.

The Suit: Black Off-Shoulder Tankini Top and tight black pants or leggings
What You Need: Black jacket, black leggings, a black belt, red heels, silver hoop earrings

• 80s Workout Instructor Barbie
We always love a good decade costume, and the 80s is one of our absolute faves. This workout instructor costume is a lot of fun, with a little amount of effort.

The Suit: Color Block Classic One-Piece
What You Need: Tights, leg warmers, sneakers, a scrunchie or sweatband, weights

• Mermaid Barbie
A mermaid is another great costume and many of our swim tops would work perfectly for it!

The Suit: Peplum Swim Tops
What You Need: A green skirt, seashell necklace and other aquatic accessories

mermaid swimsuit halloween costume idea with peplum swim top and accessories

Our Best Last Minute Ideas for Modest Halloween Costumes

Here are more general tips for how our modest swimwear can be transformed into stylish costumes so you can achieve this balance of modesty and style for a memorable Halloween look:

1. Choosing the Right Swimsuit
To start your Barbie-inspired Halloween costume, choose a swimsuit that aligns with Barbie's signature style. When we think of Barbie, we think of bright, cheerful colors and playful designs. We recommend choosing a one-piece swimsuit with a modest neckline and ample coverage to make sure you're looking cute and comfortable for the evening. The Garden Party Knotted One-Piece or the Pink Gingham Shoulder-Tie One-Piece are two of our top picks for a Barbie-inspired look!

2. Accessorizing for the Barbie Vibe
Accessories play a crucial role in transforming a swimsuit into a recognizable Barbie outfit. Add a statement belt and accessorize with chunky jewelry, like large star or heart earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. Don't forget a pair of sunglasses and a glamorous headband or matching scarf to complete the outfit.

3. Choosing the Right Color Palette
Go for swimsuits with classic Barbie hues like pink, pastel blues, vibrant reds, and even metallics. These colors will instantly evoke the Barbie vibe!

4. Layering for Warmth and Modesty
Achieving modesty with a swimsuit may seem challenging, but layering can make a big difference. For those who are lucky enough to enjoy warm weather all the way through October, a sheer or lacy robe, a long skirt, or flowy pants work well over a swimsuit. This layering gives you the modesty you want while adding an elegant and fashionable touch to your Barbie-inspired look. For costumes worn in colder climates, skin-tone leggings or jackets can add warmth and styling options.

5. Styling Hair and Makeup
Barbie is known for her flawless makeup and impeccable hair. Embrace a glamorous makeup look with bold eyeshadows, rosy cheeks, and a statement lip color. As for the hair, we recommend going for a sleek high ponytail or voluminous curls.

6. Confidence is Key
No matter which costume you choose, the key to pulling off any look is confidence. Own your Barbie-inspired costume with poise and radiate the joy and fun associated with the iconic doll. Remember, Halloween is all about celebrating creativity and embracing your favorite characters, so have fun with it!

Get Creative This Halloween with Lime Ricki Swimsuits

Transforming swimsuits into Barbie-inspired modest Halloween costumes is a fantastic way to blend modesty with style and pay homage to a beloved character. By choosing the right swimsuit, accessorizing thoughtfully, incorporating vibrant colors, layering for modesty, and styling your hair and makeup, you can achieve a fabulous and unforgettable Barbie-inspired look for Halloween. Embrace the opportunity to express yourself and radiate confidence as you step into the shoes of the iconic Barbie with these adorable Halloween costumes with swimsuits!

October 13, 2023 — Lauren

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