Our stylist Hannah is back with all her favorite tips and tricks for styling our swim! Today she'll be talking about how she mixes and matches prints and colors from all three of our 2021 premium collections: Retro Sunshine, Wild, and Garden. You can find more amazing styling tips from Hannah on Instagram @hannahruthzander!

After the craziest year imaginable, I think we’ve all realized that life is short and you need to live it. Take risks at work, with your hobbies, and especially with your wardrobe. My favorite forever trend is mixing & matching prints to create a bold and fun statement. The best part is, you can utilize this styling trick with your swimwear and stay stylish even beyond the pool! If the thought of mixing wild patterns stresses you out, here are my 4 favorite print combinations I love to wear from the latest Lime Ricki collections.

1. Dots and Wildflower

Mix and Match Swimwear

Mix and Match Swimwear

I am obsessed with every swim bralette by Lime Ricki, but especially their newest Dots print from the Garden Collection. It pairs perfectly with the reversible Wildflower / Midnight Ultra High-Waist bottom!

2. Peony and Midnight Stripe

Mix and Match Swimwear

Mix and Match Swimwear

You can never go wrong with florals paired with stripes. That’s why I’m obsessed with the Peony Scoop Crop and the Midnight Stripe High-Waist Bottom. It’s a combo that's classic, feminine, and so cute.

3. Midnight and Azalea

Mix and Match Swimwear

Mix and Match Swimwear

Navy is a neutral color that can go with just about everything, especially when it's the Midnight Scoop Crop from Lime Ricki’s Wild Collection. I love to pair it with the vibrant Azalea High-Waist Bottoms for a bright pop of color.

4. Peach Leopard and Tiny Floral

Mix and Match Swimwear

Mix and Match Swimwear

One of my go-to formulas for mixing prints is combining a big and small prints. That's why I love these two prints together. I am absolutely in love with the cap sleeves on the Peach Leopard Crop. They’re cute, comfortable, and out of the ordinary. I especially love it when paired with the Tiny Floral/Jade Reversible Ultra High-Waist Bottom!

And there you have it. The mix & match opportunities are endless! What’s your favorite unexpected Lime Ricki combo?


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