Determining how to find your swimsuit size can seem difficult at first, especially since everyone’s body is unique and standard sizes can differ from store to store. The best way to find the right swimsuit size for you is to measure yourself accurately and go by the size chart (not only at our shop, but at every online store). Follow our tips on how to measure your swimsuit size, and soon you’ll have your new favorite well-fitting swimsuit in your mailbox.

What to use to measure

The best tool to use when taking your swimsuit measurements is a soft, flexible measuring tape. However, if you don’t have one, you can use a string or cord (such as a phone charger). Simply wrap the string or cord around the spot you need to measure and then use a ruler to measure the length of the string.

What to wear while taking measurements

You’ll want the measurement to be as accurate as possible, so it’s not the best idea to measure over thick clothes. Wearing a thin undergarment or nothing at all will give you the best number.

How to measure parts of the body

Keeping your measuring tape parallel to the floor, measure the following places to find your correct size.

How Do You Measure Bra Size

Measure around the fullest part of your bust, with your arms relaxed at your sides. This is above where the band of a bra would go, not the same place. If you are still unsure, it may be helpful to get an official bra fitting to ensure proper measurement.

How To Measure Your Waist

Find your natural waistline, which should be the slimmest part of your torso. It’s typically under your last rib and a few inches above your belly button.

How to Measure Your Hips

Be sure to measure around the fullest part of your hips, not to be confused with the thigh area. Generally, it’s about 8 inches below your waist. It is best to measure with very little clothing on, but imagine where the pockets would be on a pair of jeans.


which swimsuit is right for me?

After you take your swimsuit measurements, there are a few more things to remember when choosing the perfect fit for your body. When in doubt, order a smaller size, not a bigger one. Swimsuits expand when they get wet, so a larger size doesn’t necessarily mean more coverage.

How Do I Know My Size?

If you want more coverage, choose a different style, like one with a higher neckline or wrap, or use adjustable ties and straps. Regardless of size, not everyone feels comfortable in every style, so try on different swimsuit types in stores to see what you like before shopping online for the best selection. You can even make it fun by bringing a friend and helping each other choose favorite style types. Experiment with different swimsuit sizes to see if a smaller or larger fit offers more support or coverage.

What Are The Different Types of Swimsuits?

In addition to coverage, you’ll want to take your personal style into consideration. Tops come in styles like triangle, bandeau, crop, tankini, bikini, and bralette and can be used to mix and match with your favorite bottoms. One-piece suits are another great option with fun style variations. Don’t be afraid to branch out and try something different, you may stumble on a new favorite!


All of our one-piece suits, tankinis and tops at Lime Ricki have a built-in shelf bra for extra support and comfort without the wires.

      • One-Piece: A one-piece swimsuit generally covers your entire torso area and provides great support and coverage. There are a lot of ways to add fun style elements, like different necklines, one shoulder strap, and straps that tie around the neck. You can also find styles with pieces that wrap around the torso or a bandeau style with a large ruffle along the neckline.
      • Tankinis: A tankini is a two-piece swimsuit with a top that covers the stomach area, like a tank top. This is a fun option if you prefer the coverage of a one-piece, but like to mix and match with different bottoms.
      • Bikini Tops: Bikini tops traditionally cover the same area as a bra would, and they come in a wide variety of styles. Get creative and try one of our bralettes and a pair of bottoms with a different color or pattern.
      • Crop Tops: Crop tops cover the area from the neckline to the bottom of the rib cage. They can also be found with different types of necklines and tying straps for variety, or include cute additions, like the knot on our black gingham knotted crop top.


Choosing a favorite type of swimsuit bottom may also involve some experimenting in the dressing room to find the one with the right coverage. When you know which style you feel the most comfortable and confident in, you’ll be able to find lots of great design options online. Bottoms include variations like low-, mid-, and high-waist, boy short, and classic. You can also find cute bottoms with shirring or ties on the sides, or in a skirt style.

Once you have all of your accurate measurements, save them in a notebook or on your phone so you don’t have to measure every time you want to order from somewhere new. The only thing left to do is to compare your numbers to our size chart, order your swimsuit, and get in the water.

Now that you have found an amazing swimsuit with a perfect fit, take a look at some of Lime Ricki’s other great products. Check out our fun clothing line or complete your look by adding accessories to your ensemble.

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October 05, 2018 — Shannon

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