One of the questions we get most often at Lime Ricki is this: how do I find the perfect swimsuit for a big bust? While we have quite a few swimsuits that work well for larger chests, the one that will work best for you relies on a few factors. Take these things into account while shopping and you’ll be sure to find your next favorite swimsuit!

How to find the perfect swimsuit for a big bust - such good info! Everyone should read this! | Modest swimwear | Shop now at

Find a wide band

With a bralette or even a tankini, a wide band that goes around the bottom of the breasts and continues around the back will help hold you in and give you more of an hourglass shape. Our bralettes, mesh tankinis, knotted crop tops, and belted tankinis all have a version of this!

Keep your bra in mind

Big busted women usually can’t get away without wearing a bra with regular clothes, and it should be the same for swimwear as well. Look for a suit with a built-in bra and padding, which will help it fit like a sports bra and give you the support you need. Every single one of our suits has a built-in bra (with the exception of our reversible tankini), so that’s one thing you don’t have to worry about here!

Choose the right straps

The type of straps you try out depend completely on your personal preference. There are a few different kinds to consider: halter, over-the-shoulder, tie-back, and adjustable.

  • Halter straps tie behind the neck and can be useful to lift a top from the neckline and tighten as needed. However, the con of a halter tie is that it can tug on the neck and be painful after being worn for a while. Our double cinch neck tankinis and classic peplum tankinis are popular halter styles for a big bust.
  • Adjustable straps are essentially over-the-shoulder straps with a little adjustable clasp, like a bra has. They work great for support but you do sacrifice a little bit on style. Our wrap tankinis and one pieces have adjustable straps and are some of our most popular suits for big busts.
  • Over-the-shoulder straps are the typical straps that go straight from front to back, or occasionally cross in the back. If you find a suit that fits you well with this style, it can be perfect, but without the straps being adjustable, it can sometimes be a toss up. Our knotted crop tops, scoop peplums, and mesh tankinis are some favorites of big busted ladies at Lime Ricki.
  • Tie-back straps tie in the back, but not behind the neck like halters. These give you the ability to really customize your support because they allow you to adjust the tightness of the entire back of the suit, including the shoulders and waistline. We recommend checking out the cross-back or lace-back crop tops.

How to find the perfect swimsuit for a big bust - such good info! Everyone should read this! | Modest swimwear | Shop now at

Go for flattering colors and shapes

If you’re looking to minimize the size of your breasts, look for colors, patterns, and shapes that will help with that. Stay away from light colors on top, opting for darker ones like black or navy instead. Color blocking can be ultra flattering as well, to create a slimming waistline. As far as prints go, try something busy like a floral, and if you go with stripes, opt for something with stripes that go in different directions as opposed to strictly horizontal.

Determine your perfect neckline

Necklines are another option that’s more personal preference than anything, but there are some options that are more flattering or dependable. To elongate the neck and minimize the size of the breasts, go for something that shows a little bit of skin like a scoop, v-neck, or wrap. A sweetheart neckline could be a great go-to if it hits a little higher, but if it hits too low, you run the risk of showing some cleavage and making the breasts look bigger. And of course, if you want to ensure not to show any cleavage or feel like you’re “falling out,” you can go with a high neckline that will hold everything in.

Hopefully this was helpful in allowing you to choose the best swimsuit for you! Feel free to contact us directly or send a message if you need any more suggestions.

Our fit experts are always happy to help. If you’re looking for more swimsuit fit tips, make sure to check out our posts on choosing maternity swimwear and how to find your swimsuit size.

September 07, 2018 — Shannon

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