This season we had two classic swim silhouettes that left us wondering which is better: a skirt or dress?

Trends come and go so quickly, sometimes we feel like we're barely grasping them before they slip away and become “so last year”. Which is why we usually opt for classic swim style: timeless pieces that will contribute to your wardrobe year in and year out. So here's our review of each option, considering both as swimsuits with the silhouette of a minidress.

Style Comparison: Swim Dress vs. Swim Skirt

There is something so classic and timeless about a modest one-piece swimsuit, don’t you think? We certainly do! The inspiration behind the Lime Ricki Swim Dresses came from classic swim styles in the earliest decades of women's swimwear designs.

Explore our blog for more on the fascinating history of women's swimwear.

Our first swim dress was our classic Black Swim Dress, which remains a best-selling option. But we love to see our swim dress in fun florals and chic polka dots too. With an A-line hem and spaghetti straps, the swim dress is modest and does not hug curves. This swim style will boost your confidence and magnify your cute, fresh sense of style. 

Our collection of modest swim skirts and shorts offers a wide variety of style and coverage options, all of which also come in extended sizes. High-waist swim skirts with flirty ruffle hems have been a Lime Ricki staple for a while. The swim skirt with bottoms is easily paired with any Lime Ricki swim top - a great piece to keep in your collection of mix and match swimwear!

This year we also released the Capri Classic Skirt with Bottoms as part of The Sisters Collection! (Plus some really cute one-pieces!) With a second silhouette, swim skirts will take the first round of this contest.

And we can't help but award some points for the convenience and versatility that two-piece swimwear offers during a long day at the beach, poolside, or on-the-go with kids at the waterpark.

Swim Skirts Win the All-Around

In a head-to-head comparison of two classic swim looks, dresses and skirts, swim skirt is the winner! We love having a full coverage swim bottom that we can mix and match with any swim top, or even wear as an everyday skirt. Let us know in the comments which one you like better: the classic skirt or the high-waist with ruffles.

Want to see more classic swim style and or need some inspiration for a new look? Visit our Pinterest!

July 21, 2023 — Claire White

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