Here at Lime Ricki, we’re constantly working on new and trendy designs for our mix and match swimwear. And while each launch is special, our latest one was especially near and dear to our hearts – The Sisters Collection! After years of staying behind the scenes, we wanted to create a collection that truly represents who we are as women (and sisters!), and we believe this launch is the perfect way to encompass all those elements. So if you’re interested in how we created this stylish yet mature swimwear line, then keep reading. We’re going to share some behind-the-scenes information about our inspiration for the drop, and why it’s so special to us!

Meet The Sisters!

In case you’re new here, we’re Nicole, Jennifer, and Colette – the sisters who started it all! We come from the ultimate adventure family and were lucky enough to follow along with our parents as they traveled the world. We’ve lived on a Navajo reservation, spent six weeks traveling across Europe, and then spent two more years exploring pyramids and riding camels in Egypt. When we all lived in the same state as adults, we wanted to find something we could all do together. And after a frustrating swimsuit shopping experience, Lime Ricki was born. We’ve spent the past 16 years designing stylish and supportive swimsuits for every body!

The Making of The Sisters Collection

For the Sisters Collection, we knew we wanted to create something that truly resonated with us and represented who we are. That meant drawing inspiration from things like our childhood experiences, favorite colors, and bold prints – all the things that make us, us! For this collection in particular, we wanted the pieces to showcase everything we love about the gorgeous Italian coast. Our mood board was full of palm trees, block prints, striped beach umbrellas, beautiful foliage, and the colorful villages of Cinque Terre. Our vision resulted in stunning swimsuits that we’re extremely proud of – and it seems like you love them, too!

This collection of mix and match swimwear is bursting with vibrant colors, playful patterns, and trendy designs that not only capture our essence as sisters but serve as an accurate representation of Lime Ricki as a brand. If you know us, then you know we love our bright colors and bold prints, and you’ll find both in this collection. From tropical florals to classic stripes, you can mix and match your favorite pieces to create a look that's uniquely yours. We even launched a new one-piece that features a stylish V-neck and an adorable attached belt!

From Designers to Models: Our First Time Stepping Forward

There’s one other thing that makes this collection even more special – this was the first time we modeled our swimwear ourselves! This was a pretty big deal for us, as we’ve been content with working behind the scenes for so many years. But this collection was so special to us that we felt it was finally time to take our own advice and show up in our suits – for ourselves, and for each other. It was an empowering experience, and we were thrilled to have this opportunity together!

An Extra Special “Thank You”

Ultimately, this post is our way of saying “thank you” to our amazing customers. We wouldn’t be where we are today without you, and we’re so grateful for your continuous support after all these years. We see all of your encouraging comments on our socials, and we’re just so happy you’re here. So here’s to many more years of Lime Ricki – we hope you continue to follow along on this adventure with us!

July 16, 2023 — Tory D Manning

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