Who else is ready to celebrate all the ladies you love on Galentine's Day this year?! Today we have a special treat for you. Our friends Alacia and Kim at @OurCharmingBookshelf are back with another amazing book list to gift to your Galentines. Enjoy!

Hi! We're Alacia and Kim of @OurCharmingBookshelf on Instagram! We love gifting books and think Galentine’s is the perfect time to spoil the ladies in your life with a new book. Whether you need a gift for your mom, sister, daughter, neighbor, or babysitter, there is a book on this list for everyone to enjoy! 
Jane in Love book cover
Jane in Love by Rachel Givney (2020)
The world’s well known author Jane Austin magically finds herself in modern-day England. She finds an interest in her new friend’s brother. The more her romance blossoms with him she begins to disappear from history. This romantic comedy will have her choosing between true love in the present or her career as a writer in the past. 
love & gelato book cover
Love & Gelato by Jenna Evans Welch (2016)
People come to Italy for love & gelato, but some discover much more. This is exactly what happens when Lina spends a summer in Tuscany getting to know her father. As the summer goes on, Lina is given a journal her mother kept the summer she stayed in Italy, and as she reads the entries, she learns more about her parents, and more importantly herself. 
the hating game book cover
The Hating Game by Sally Thorne (2016)
There is one thing that Lucy knows, she HATES her co-worker Josh and she’s pretty sure the feeling is mutual. They both have the opportunity for the same promotion and nothing would make Lucy happier than being Josh’s boss. Trapped in the same office they find themselves playing games of “one-upmanship” until one elevator ride changes everything. 
bring me back book cover
Bring Me Back by B.A. Paris (2018)
One night on a holiday in France Layla disappears, leaving behind her boyfriend Finn who spends the next twelve years wondering what happened that night. As he returns home from that holiday, he reaches out to her sister Ellen, and as time goes on they fall in love. Now, as he is ready to take their relationship to the next level, he finds out Layla has been sighted, leaving him torn between two loves, and trying to puzzle out what happened that fateful night in France so long ago. 
you have a match book cover
You Have a Match by Emma Lord (2021)
Abby signs up for a DNA service, mainly to support her friend and secret love interest Leo. When her test reveals that she has a secret older sister her summer changes forever! The logical course of action? Meet up at summer camp! A great young adult heartfelt romance about sisterhood and friendship. 

to all the boys I've loved before book cover
To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han (2014)
Lara Jean has written love letters to all the boys she’s ever crushed on but never sends them. Until now. Somehow those letters have been mailed, complicating things as these boys all approach her trying to figure out what’s going on. As embarrassing as this mistake is, she soon discovers it’s not all bad, and soon learns more about these boys, and herself than she bargained for. 

one to watch book cover
One To Watch by Kate Stayman-London (2020)
Plus size fashion blogger Bea watches popular TV show Main Squeeze along with the rest of the country, but often wishes more of the girls on the show looked like her. Imagine her utter surprise when she receives a call from the shows producers, asking her to be their next leading lady. She quickly agrees but vows she will not fall in love on reality TV. As the handsome bachelors begin to show up, she’s not so sure she can keep that from happening after all. 

the fault in our stars book cover
The Fault In Our Stars by John Green (2012)
Hazel is sixteen, with terminal cancer, when she meets Augustus at her kids-with-cancer support group. An emotional and endearing love story that brings up the question of life. Does my life, and will my death, have meaning? How will I be remembered? 

the flat share book cover
The Flatshare by Beth O’Leary (2019)
Leon works graveyards and needs some extra cash and decides to rent out his flat during the night. This works perfectly for Tiffy who is trying to get over her obsessive ex, works all day, and just needs a place to stay at night. They share the same flat and even the same bed but have never met. Leon and Tiffy communicate through sticky notes and have you wishing for the day they can see each other. 
the longest ride book cover
The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks (2013)
Sophia and Luke. Ira and Ruth.  Two couples who are separated by years and  life experience, and have nothing in common. Little do they know their lives are about to converge in ways that remind us all that life will give us difficult decisions that bring us to the best joys.

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February 09, 2021 — Lauren Nielsen
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I love how you have started this book shelf. I enjoy reading every chance I get. You have some fun and interesting books to read. You make reading fun!!

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