We are calling all the monsters and goblins ready for the upcoming Hallows' Eve, eager to give everyone the heebie-jeebies! Are you looking to create an unforgettable home atmosphere for a hauntingly good time with friends and family? Want to try something unusual and hold your Halloween party poolside?

Whether it's decorating the pool for ghoulish gaiety or devilish dishes and drinks, let's help you create a spine-chilling poolside Halloween your guests and family will be talking about for years!

Pool Thrills and Chills

Floating Pumpkin

This spooky season, light up the night and the water with artificial carvable pumpkins available at many craft stores all over the country. Carve these fun and floating pumpkins, then place waterproof LED lights or affordable glowsticks inside each, then set them in the water and watch them eerily bob and weave along the currents and light up the night as it gets toward the witching hour.

Skeleton Get-A-Away

Even the dead love a pool party! With some creativity, some plastic or light-weight human or mermaid skeletons, you can bring a ghastly yet amusing atmosphere to the pool. Layout a skeleton along the side of the pool in a deck hair with sunglasses and hat, clothing, and sunscreen, or set a few of them up on a blow-up pool lounge and let them drift spookily in the water.

Lagoon of Terror

What is creepier than a pool of deep crimson water, like a lagoon filled with blood right in your backyard? Dying your pool water deeply unsettling red for Halloween is a possibility so long as you do it right! There are safe and effective dyes on the market that will make the effect look fantastic and easy to treat to revert your pool to crystal blue waters.

Don't make the mistake of using food grade or food coloring dye in your pool water. While we readily admit food coloring is exceptionally affordable, it is not a wise choice for the delicate chemical balance needed for your pool. For one thing, you would need a massive amount of food dye to turn the pool into a deep red, and second, the food dye would be nearly impossible to fully filter out of the pool—leaving you with a pink-tinged or stained pool for possibly months. Flooding the pool with food coloring is a recipe for staining your tile, grout, plaster, or filter components bright red.

Use a specialized dye created specifically to dye the waters of pools. Brands offer colors like green, red, and blue, which can be mixed to create unique shades.

Keep in mind. Even pool-safe dyes will create havoc for your pool filters, so be prepared to sacrifice a few after Halloween is over when your filtration system works to clear out the dye.

Want the same effect, but want to skip the hassle of dye? There are options for spooky pool light covers or floating pool lights that you could purchase to turn your pool into a bloody hair-raising lagoon of chills after dark too!

Pool-Safe Bubbles

Skip the advice of adding laundry detergent to your pool for a bubbling brew effect. Laundry detergent can make your filter and system work hard, plus leave residue on tiles. Instead, face your return jets toward the surface of the water. This will create several streams of natural bubbles and add the sound of rippling and flowing to the ambiance safely.

Graveyard Pool

With a few simple black lanterns and water-safe LED candles (or real candles for grown-up poolside Halloween parties), and a few headstones, you can transform the poolside into an unsettling graveyard and pool. Headstones sprinkled around the edges and faux-wedding, or if you have a screen-enclosed pool, consider hanging fake bodies or empty cages from above along with graveyard gating if you want to go all out.

Poolside or In Pool Tricks and Treats

Floating Coffin Buffet

Nothing says decadence to the undead, like being able to nibble on treats while floating in the pool. This Halloween, offer your guests tricks and treats on a novelty inflatable coffin, perfect for a buffet of fiendishly fine food.

You're Being Watched

To add to that eerie feeling, consider a six-pack of inflatable, blood-shot, staring eyeballs to add to the water. Your guests will be delighted with your eye for detail. Or perhaps a little unnerved.

Snakes on a Pool

With several designs to choose from, several packs of winding, slithery inflatable snakes will look terrifyingly terrific along with the floating pumpkins, eyes, and coffin buffet. Plus, your guests will adore scaring each other with them!

In Pool Games and Entertainment
  • Spider toss! A large inflatable spider with rings to toss toward its upturned legs.
  • Witches hat toss. A large pointed witches hate with inflatable rings in orange and black.
  • A massive, inflatable spider lounge to carry guests and pool swimmers in spooky style.
  • Bluetooth speakers hidden around the pool are perfect for playing Halloween music and haunting favorite sound effects to add yet another layer to a poolside party.

Adult Alcoholic Beverages

This witchy brew will be a hit for a unique cocktail that is bright, luscious, and nearly glowing green.

Glowing Witches Cocktail
  • 2 ½ oz Mifori Melon Liqueur
  • 2 ½ oz Orange Juice
  • 2 ½ oz Lemon Lime Soda

Add ice into a cocktail shaker and pour Midori and orange juice in. Cover and shake until chilled, then pour into a martini glass.

Pour in soda, stir and serve.

Optional: Decorate the outer rim of the martini glass by adding black sanding sugar to a small plate and light corn syrup to another small plate. Dip the rims of the martini glasses in the corn syrup, then the sanding sugar.

Non-Alcoholic Glowing Witches Cocktail

For a non-boozy option, use 3 and ½ oz orange juice with 4 oz lemon-lime soda and add a few neon green food coloring drops.

When it comes to All Hallow's Eve, the ideas are only as limited as your inspiration and creativity! We hope we've managed to spark your ideas to help you throw the perfect poolside Halloween party this year that will be unforgettable! Have a wonderful, scary-good time floating next to creepy crawlies and ghosts!