The best Valentine's gifts are those that are unique and let your loved one know you put great care and thought into giving them a gift you know they'll love. While flowers and chocolates seem to be the standby, there's no official requirement for you to have to get them for your loved one. We think it's lovely to change it up and go for something personalized that you know they'll love.
Feel free to change it up this year and mix modern with conventional with unusual—these are the sort of gifts that won't fade away in a week. Valentine's day isn't just for couples, but a day to celebrate all kinds of love! However, it might be challenging to come up with a gift for our loved ones from time to time. Are you struggling to find the perfect, unique Valentine's gift?
If you've got someone in your life that is all about the sand and surf, we've got some fantastic Valentine's gift ideas for the beach lover to help you out!

Beach Waves in a Bottle
Are they obsessed with finding the perfect just-came-off-the-beach-texture hair? If so, we may have the ideal soft, body wave solution they will reach for again and again! Our Beach Waves Hair Texture by Earth Harbor is an entirely natural, ethical, and sustainable hair texturizer that will breathe fresh energy into their daily hair ritual. Carefully formulated to the exact salinity of the Atlantic Ocean, they'll have that sea-swept beach hair with subtle volume and sexy texture in no time, all without having to struggle with the sand!

The Essential Beach Kimono
Whether heading to their dream beach for Valentine's day getaway or your loved one practically lives there—no doubt they'll love having style options for a versatile beach wardrobe. The Kimono is a classic addition to dress up any swimsuit or an excellent cover-up. A Kimono can be paired with summery clothing such as a pair of cut-off denim shorts and a tank top for an effortless boho chic. Whether it's a splash of a vintage color or timeless neutrals—we have a superb selection of Kimono they'll love to take to the beach with them this Valentine's day and every day after.

Reuseable Tote
Have you noticed that they're a tote bag addict? Do they have one for the beach, one for the grocery store, one for the car, and one set aside just in case? Then an adorable reusable tote bag is a must-gift for them this Valentine's day! Not only are they an environmentally friendly option, but our reusable tote bags are also rugged, durable, and perfect for everything. Made from 100% nylon and lightweight, they can be folded to fit into a pocket or stored virtually anywhere so your beach babe can grab one whenever they need it.
Beach Lounging at its Finest
Are they still lugging around that flimsy-looking plastic beach chair that appears to be holding it together by a thread? This is your chance! There are probably few things as peaceful to them, as being able to lounge on the beach either lost in the sounds of the waves crashing or the warmth of the sun with the sea-salt scented air. When it comes to relaxing beach lounging, you've got many options!
• Beach Hammock. Beach hammocks are easy to set up and come with everything they'll need to either hang them or be self-hanging. Additionally, many beach hammocks are made to be folded up and stored in tiny bags that can be tossed in a tote bag or back of a vehicle.
• Beach Blanket. If they're still seating themselves on a teeny tiny towel, it's time for an upgrade! Consider getting your beach lover a massive, sand-free beach blanket big enough for two so that they can relax in comfort and have any of their favorite beach items arrayed around them.
• Better Beach Chair. Do they prefer a chair to sit on the beach? Upgrade their beach chair by oversizing and packed with features and accessories such as a bottle holder. Some models come equipped with small coolers built into the arms. Others include sunshades, pockets, folding arm tables, adjustable headrests, and more!

Let Them Carry The Ocean
Let them carry a little piece of the ocean everywhere they go quickly with gorgeous sea glass jewelry. Authentic sea glass jewelry cannot be replicated by artificial means, allowing you to give your loved one a truly unique piece of jewelry as one of a kind as they are. It's also not mass-produced and can be styled in so many ways. Sea glass looks terrific in any precious metal such as gold, platinum, palladium, silver, titanium, tungsten, or even durable stainless steel.

Help Preserve Memories
No doubt their fondest memories are when they are at the beach, no matter how many times they go. Help them preserve their happiest moments with a gorgeous camera. Underwater cameras come in a wide variety of budget-friendly and professional models that they will undoubtedly want to carry with them the next time they hit the sand. It's an excellent gift for Valentine's Day too, so they can capture the loving moments of the day and so many more for years to come!

Keep Calm and Cool
On the hottest days of the summer, there's nothing better than an ice-cold drink. Give your beachgoer the ultimate in refreshment with a portable beach cooler. A suitable cooler is a must for trips to the beach—or even the park, pool, campsite, or even a hike. The best part of gifting a beach cooler is that there are nearly limitless types and styles available there is bound to be one that fits your beach lover's personality.

Don't be stumped this year for Valentine's day gifts for the beach lover when you have Lime Ricki to help! When it comes to Valentine's day, with our ideas, you'll ensure that the day will be one they never forget, and the gifts will be treasured for years!