If your October is decorated with spooky ghosts hanging from beautiful palm trees, and the chill in the air only gets to the lower 70s, then maybe this year you'll be taking your Halloween fun to the beach? Or perhaps you want to cling to those summer vibes all year round—or perhaps you're looking for something fun, quick, cute, and easy to dress up in this year?

Never fear; ghouls and ghosts of all ages will find inspiration haunting here! Let's get into bathing suit Halloween costume ideas to get you spooktacular!

Black Cat

Utterly timeless and an All Hallow's Eve classic, the black cat costume is perfect for all ages and can be super simple to pull together with a bathing suit and a few extras. If you already have our Black Mesh Crossback Tankini, Black Double Cinch Tankini, Black Classic One-Piece, Black Wrap One-Piece, Black Boy Short, or Black High-Neck Tankini top, you already have the main pieces to this costume!

Pair any of our black tankinis, bottoms, or one-pieces with a pair of your favorite black leotards or leggings will be the perfect Cat-base for this costume. Next, pair the black swimsuit and leggings with cat-tastic accessories! Find an adorable set of black cat ears on a headband, a black cat tail belt, and a cute elastic-waisted black tutu for extra adorableness!

Will it be cold out there? Consider adding silly and cute cat-paw mittens and slippers and double the leggings, and slip on a pair of warm socks with a warm dark coat.

Scuba Diver

Pair a favorite rashguard with your best high-waist boy shorts or our pocket leggings for a 'scuba suit.' Get creative with two old empty plastic soda bottles, and a bit of black and yellow paint, or black paint and yellow tape, some glue-on straps and don't forget the snorkel and goggles. You're all set to be a scuba diver! Get creative with it! Maybe you're a zombie scuba diver!

The Happy Tourist

Dreaming of the island life made real. Channel your inner wanderlust and tropical dreams with a tourist ensemble! Time for your favorite tropical print swimsuit. Maybe your Azalea crop top with the cute Jade ruffle ultra-high waist skirt. The accessorize it with an oversized straw beach hat and glamorous sunglasses, and a little sunscreen on the nose. Don't forget your flip-flops or sandals and socks, with your must-have camera on hand. Toss in a faux flower lei or two for a finishing touch!

Throwback to the 80s

It's the 80s, and a barely known young actor, Tom Cruise, slides across a hardwood floor in socks, shorts, and shirt. This iconic scene, along with the movie, earned this young actor worldwide recognition. This Halloween, pair a crisp white shirt with some black boy shorts and tall, white athletic socks with a pair of throwback looking black shades to bust out your favorite dance moves or slide your way into talk of the Halloween party as you dress as Joel Goodsen from then 1983 movie ""Risky Business.""

The Witching Hour

Ghosts, goblins, black cats, and spirits—but don't forget yet another classic Halloween spooky costume, the witch! Take your favorite Black Mesh Tankini or Black Mesh Crossback Tankini top and Black Ultra High-Waist skirt bottoms and pair it with the recognizable pointy black hat. Voila! An effortlessly easy witchy costume for last-minute parties or to send chills and thrills down beachgoers' spines.

Want to take a look even further? Why not throw on a little black cape and grab a straw broom or prop mini cauldron to bespell well into the night.

Go Vintage

With a fantastic Black Seersucker one-piece, a Midnight Stripe matching bottom and top, or a Black Gingham suit, you've already got the perfect base for a retro Halloween look. Be your own Retro barbie by styling your hair with an easy pin-up up-do, your favorite cat-eye sunglasses, and a sweepingly gorgeous flowy Hollywood-esque cover-up or romper for when the evening gets chilly. A dash of daring red lipstick to top it all off will make you feel like a vintage queen!

Under the Sea

We would be remiss not to mention to the souls that live and breath the beach and ocean not to suggest going as their alter ego, a mermaid! With a gorgeous mint Cinch-neck top, or perhaps a Mint classic peplum, stunning Jade, or eye-catching Marine One-Shoulder and a pair of either mermaid leggings or a mermaid tail and you're all set. But wait! Want to take it further? A bright red wig parted to the side with a clam-shell or small barrette to the side, and you'll look exactly like a certain famous mermaid that captured our hearts during the 2000s. Don't forget to bring your dinglehopper!

Super Girl

With a gorgeous Marine Double-Cinch Tankini top and Marine High-Waist bottom, you've got a majority of what you need to show off your superpowers as Super Girl this Halloween! Add a red cape and go as is, or get creative with an iron-in applique, or pin the Super Girl emblem to your suit for easy removal after. Try a pair of flesh-toned tights or in matching marine blue and a pair of red boots to complete the ensemble, and you're ready to save the day!

Find the Treasure

Avast me Hearties, do ye be ownin' a fine Navy Stripe Romper, a Midnight Stripe top or bottoms? Well, shiver me timbers, you're right, proper set up for a plundering pirate swimsuit costume! Find an eyepatch, a fake hook hand, a bandana for your hair, or a jaunty tricone or bicone hat, tie a colorful scarf around your middle for a sash, and you're ready to take on the seas. Add a gold coin or fake treasure chest to the costume or a phony peg leg to finish it off.

This Halloween, if you're stumped for what to do about a poolside, beachside, or lakeside swimsuit Halloween party, or just what to wear for Halloween in general, Lime Ricki hopes we've helped inspire your wicked creativity!