Let's face it, when we have a good fitting swimsuit or any kind of clothing really, we feel better and more confident. We don't feel as self-conscious, we aren't constantly fiddling with the straps or pulling at the side, we're just enjoying our time in the sun. That's because there's psychology behind a good fitting swimsuit and how it affects us when we wear it. That's right, there's so much more to our swimsuits than just looking cute, they make you feel better too! That's a major win-win to us, which is why we are so pleased to offer such a variety of pieces for you. However, before you go pick out your new favorite swimsuit, let's look into how a good fitting suit makes you feel better.

Psychological studies in the past have shown that women who wear swimsuits self-objectify themselves more, which in turn increases body shame and possibly restrains eating according to Fredrickson, Roberts, Noll, Quinn, and Twenge in a 1998 study. Part of this relates to the fact that most stores sell suits that are meant for one particular body type. That can be detrimental in so many ways. According to the University of Alabama, spring is one of the worst times leading up to eating disorders, because women look at one type of suit and think that's the only thing available for them. They also become more negative toward their own beautiful bodies that may not fit that mold.

The founders behind Lime Ricki saw this happening, they saw this one size swimwear that didn't necessarily fit them or what they were looking for and they decided to change it. This change is monumental for women of all ages and sizes, because it opens up the "swim ready" body to everyone. No one should feel shame when putting on a swimsuit and having more variety in cute swimwear options helps women to feel more confident. If you prefer not to show as much skin, then you may have struggled previously with some discomfort, trying to make a suit work for your needs and possibly even showing more skin than you wanted. This could make you more withdrawn and enjoy yourself less, not to mention look down on yourself and your body. However, if you find a cute suit that fits comfortably, and covers your body the way you like, you'll feel more comfortable when going to the beach and you won't worry as much about your shape, which is perfect just the way it is.

It's not just us that believes that either, science proves it. What we wear makes a difference with not only just how we appear to others, but how we feel to ourselves. There's a theory in psychology called "enclothed cognition." Basically, this theory means that what we wear can change our thought patterns. This is probably not surprising, as we all have commonly heard that wearing a cute outfit can make us feel better. However, most people don't correlate that to swimwear as well, though they should. What you wear can make a huge impact on how you see yourself. If you choose a swimsuit that doesn't match your comfort level, you may start to look down on yourself. Studies have shown that we live up to our outfits, which means that if you are in a swimsuit that you aren't comfortable in, your discomfort will show through to others. They may not understand why you're not comfortable, but they will be able to pick up on it. On the other side of it though, if you find a suit that you are comfortable with and that you feel fully covered in, you will show that to others. You will act more confident, you will fiddle less, and you will actually change how you act to match that confidence and comfort that you feel. Others will then pick up on that and react to this more confident you.

If you expect a swimsuit to not be a success, you likely won't have a successful day at the beach. Even subconsciously, you'll become more withdrawn, you won't feel confident, and most importantly, you won't likely have fun. However, if you find a suit that is cute, modest, and comfortable, you'll embrace a new confidence heading to the beach or pool. You'll feel better about yourself, the suit, and you'll likely view that experience wherever it was with more positivity looking back than the other times you wore a suit that wasn't comfortable to you.

One of the most important things to do though is to stay confident and true to yourself. Love the body that you're in and wear what you are comfortable with. If you prefer to keep more skin covered, then find a cute rash guard or high waisted bikini bottoms to enjoy your time in the sun. If you prefer more of a modern look, a front twist suit is a great option for that sleek, magazine look you're going for. Don't sacrifice your comfort just to try to match what others are wearing or because you don't think you can find a suit that works for you.

We have so many different styles of suits here that were designed for all body types, not just one. Find the suit that makes you feel comfortable and confident. It's science, your confidence will grow when you love your suit.