Some days, there is nothing we need more than a bit of Vitamin Sea. For many, the beach can be a place of relaxation, a place where they can forget all of their problems for a while, which is why these are so popular for vacations. You can relax, listen to the roar of the ocean, and not have to worry about things for a while. The same can be done even when you're not on a beach vacation and simply are carving out a few hours of time to focus on your mental health. More than just some time to relax, there are mental health benefits of a beach day, making these a must-have to pencil into your schedule, especially as the weather warms up.

Do you know what it is that makes the beach so relaxing? Is it the feel of the sun on your skin? Or maybe the pretty blue of the water? Maybe it's the salty air smell that we can take deep breaths of. Beaches, those of lakes and oceans, are known as blue spaces. Blue spaces can even include swimming pools, so if you have one of those, you can pretend it's a beach and still get the mental health benefits. Blue space exposure is known for increasing your mental health and overall health, so it's always a good idea to head to some water when you're feeling stressed out.

How a Beach Day Helps Mental Health
  • It changes the scenery. So often when you're stressed or stressing, it's because you are constantly surrounded by the same things, whether that's work or household issues stressing you out. If you want to break away from the stress and give your mental health a break, change up the scenery and go watch the shore.
  • Lowers stress. Being outside in nature is huge for lowering stress hormones, but so is hearing the ocean waves hitting the shore. You'll feel less stress and anxiety and your blood pressure will lower when you are out at the beach.
  • It lifts your mood. Going out to the beach can help you to relax, as can a nice walk on the beach. You'll feel less isolated while walking on the beach, which can be great for those who have struggled with loneliness and isolation during this pandemic, and not only that, but you will find that this promotes relaxation, allowing you to finally relax after a long day.
  • Sea water can detox your body, as can salty air. Swimming in the ocean can help unclog your pores and allow your body to release toxins, whereas breathing in the salty air can help those with asthma as well as fill your lungs with negatively charged ions and detoxify your body from the inside out.
  • Gives you Vitamin D. There's something about the sunshine. Feeling those rays on our skin, it makes us happier, but it also makes us healthier. Vitamin D is essential to keeping your body healthy, and one of the best and easiest ways to get it is through the sun's rays. About 20-30 minutes of the sun will be enough to help boost your mood and boost your immune system.
  • The sounds of the waves de-stimulate our brains. We're surrounded by stimuli every single day from your computer to your phone ringing to the sounds of your neighbors outside to the lights in the room, it's everywhere. Sitting and listening to the ocean can help your brain to actually calm down from all the stimuli and find a moment of peace and calm. It'll also help you to connect to your present self, which can be important for achieving true relaxation.

Some people never need an excuse for a beach day, but if you've been hesitating about heading to the shore, take this as your sign to head on out there as soon as possible. Your mental health will thank you.