These swimsuits are sleek, stylish and an alternative to the usual offerings of tiny bikinis or bandeaus that leave little to the imagination as well as perhaps being highly uncomfortable to wear. They can offer gorgeous vintage vibes or modern influences with classic twists, allowing women all over the world to create unique sets by swapping out different sets of tops or bottoms and can be accessorized by your wardrobe with ease.

Tankini Swim Tops for Every Body

Owning a tankini that is as comfortable as your skin, reflects your personal and unique sense of style whether cute or sophisticated means a great deal nowadays and more and more women are embracing their bodies and learning that feeling comfortable and looking great is easy with the right swimsuit choice.

Finding the right fit for your tankini that will allow you to always feel comfortable and confident is part of our dedication to offering women swimwear that feels as fantastic as it looks. When your swimwear fits you flawlessly, you're no longer focused on what you are wearing, where it digs, what it might be showing, and focusing on what you are doing instead. Having the right fit for you means enjoying what you love doing best whether it's swimming at the beach, the lake, or your very own backyard.

So, How Should A Tankini Fit?

The first step in knowing how a tankini top fits will be knowing you and your shape. Not all tankini tops will be created equal. Figure out if you're more hourglass-shaped, straight, inverted triangle, diamond shape, or oval-shaped. Keep in mind that whether you have a large or small chest, certain features of a bathing suit may be more tailored for your body type than others.


You will want a tankini top that supports you fully, regardless of a large or small chest. A tankini top for a larger busted woman should offer you the necessary support that you need to be comfortable without feeling like you need to adjust periodically throughout the day.

For larger busts, you'll know if you've found the right fit if:
  • The neckline and or seams of the tankini should not be visibly digging into your skin.
  • You shouldn't have spillage over the top of the tankini's neckline.
  • Any bands around your waist or ribs should have enough room for you to be able to slide your finger between the fabric and your skin with ease.
  • Should your tankini have straps they should be snug but not so tight as to be cutting into your skin and creating red lines in the skin.

Most tankini tops should come with some sort of built-in bra or support, so it makes sense that you'd want to use a lot of the same fitting criteria you would for a bra as an initial guide to ensure your tankini fits.


How does the front and back band of your tankini top sit? A tankini that is the right fit will sit at the same level—not too high and not too low. If you find that the back of your tankini slides up your back, while the front slides down, or you find the back slides down while the front rides up—this means, unfortunately, your tankini does not fit correctly.

When the back of your tankini is too high or too low, the cups drop down with larger busts and it means the weight of your chest will be transferred to the straps. This causes undue stress to your neck, shoulders, and upper back. When your tankini behaves like this as a woman with a small bust, it also means that your tankini is not the right fit, especially if you notice the band begins to hike upward.

The Timeless History of the Tankini

Tankinis were first introduced into swimsuit fashion in the late 1990s and were given their name due to the combination of a swim tank top and a bikini bottom. They were created as an additional option to the then single-piece and the revealing bikini, as not everyone felt comfortable wearing them. A tankini became a means to provide both the modesty of a one-piece suit with the convenience and interchangeability to mix and match of the two-piece bikini.

Tankini tops have evolved to not only be a fantastic choice for more modest swimwear but for women who are very active and seeking a suit that stays in place. To this day, the tankini is still considered one of the first major innovations and changes in women's swimsuit design for several decades, dominating the swimwear market.

Find Your Fit with Lime Ricki

We are so passionate about what we do, that we've made it even easier to find the best swim and tankini tops that will fit you no matter what your beautiful body size or shape may be. We have several tools to guide you in finding the tankini and swimwear of your dreams.

To find the right fit for your swimwear, you can also check out our Fit Finder quiz, powered by Bosom Besties. This in-depth quiz that will use the measurements of thousands of women to precisely narrow down the right size and suit that works for you, taking the hassle out of constantly measuring and the challenge of comparing sizes and suits.

It's not about us, it is all about you. Empowering women to break out of their shells and learn to love their natural, gorgeous bodies and remembering the joy of water is so important to us. It is why we are so passionate about the right fit and assisting you to find the right tankini or swimwear fit for you.