Whether you're relaxing by the pool, enjoying a beach day, or hitting up a seaside party, sarongs and cover-ups are the perfect add-ons to elevate your swimsuit.  Sarongs and cover-ups provide sun protection and are effortlessly chic.

Sarongs are defined as a versatile pieces of fabric that can be worn in many ways. Sarongs can be worn as skirts, dresses, halter dresses, and more. Fabric options for sarongs include lightweight cotton, luxurious silk, and quick-drying polyester. Ours are 100% viscose and are responsibly made in Mexico. 

Cover-ups are garments designed to be worn over swimwear, offering coverage and style. There are lots of different types of cover-up including kaftans which are defined as flowy and usually adorned with prints or embroidery. Ours are responsibly made from 100% eyelet cotton in Mexico. 

Our sarongs & cover-ups feature bold and vibrant colors and coordinating patterns that match all our swimwear. You can mix and match these modest sarong and cover-up options in order to find a style that suits you best. Our sarong and cover-ups are as size inclusive as our swimwear with generous fits to ensure you get the type of extra coverage you are looking for. We think our sarongs and cover-ups are the perfect addition to any modest tankini, one-piece, crop top, or high-waist bottom, and think you'll love them too!