Here at Lime Ricki, we are committed to creating high-quality swimwear in fashionable designs with comfort at their core. We want you to feel confident and comfortable so you can focus on what really matters – fun in the sun! While you may be familiar with our brand, there are few interesting things you may not know about how our swimwear is made. Let's take a closer look for an inside scoop!

Goals of Our Brand

Before we look at the nitty-gritty of how our swimwear is made, it is important to understand the principles behind every design we create. When we founded Lime Ricki in 2007, our goal was to create swimwear women actually wanted to wear. Created for women by women, Lime Ricki focuses on comfortable, fashionable swimsuits with the right fit for women of all body types. Our swimwear runs from XXS to 4X for size inclusivity so every woman can feel confident and stylish. We believe in fun colors, bold graphics, and attention to every detail. These brand goals are the starting point in the design process.

R&D: Smart Design and Quality Materials

We start with smart designs made with a few focuses. Our swimwear is made with a focus on mixing and matching--we create several different styles such as boy shorts, skirts, bottoms, that you can mix or match with our tops. We use both solid colos and fun prints so you have more freedom when shopping to create a look you love. The designs also focus on fit and support. From foam pad shelf bras to fully lined bottoms, we take pride in our designs in every sense of the word. Once we have our designs in terms of cut, fit, and type, we then move on to the fabric. The materials used in our designs also have to meet certain standards to be a part of the Lime Ricki brand. We use nylon-spandex blend for our fabric. This material blend provides a comfortable feel that is never scratchy on the skin while also offering breathable and quick drying properties making it perfect for swimsuits. And as a bonus, our fabric also provides UV 50+ protection to the areas of the body it covers for added peace of mind.

Manufacturing: Proudly Sewn in America

All of our swimsuits are proudly sewn in the U.S.A. as part of our commitment to quality. Our swimwear is created in a responsible factory in Los Angeles, which is important to us because it allows for a high standard of quality that our customers have come to expect while also helping to support the American economy. A team of dedicated employees manufacture our suits with close attention to detail throughout the cutting, sewing, and packaging phases of production.

The fabric is rolled out on long tables which allows it to flatten and rest before being cut into the designated pattern pieces. After a few days of resting, the material is layered several inches high to allow for multiple pieces to be cut at the same time. Once the fabric is layered, the design pattern is placed over it and an employee uses a special saw to hand-cut the piece. This process continues until the required pieces in the desired colors are met. From there, additional pieces of material are cut such as lining, trim, elastics, and any other elements needed for the design. The suits are then assembled in an assembly line process with each machinist sewing one part of the suit. This ensures careful attention to detail and overall quality.

Once the suit is sewn, it is then individually inspected to ensure quality overall. If a finished suit doesn't meet our high standards of quality, it does not go out to our customers. Once a suit is inspected and approved, it is ready to be carefully folded and packaged by hand. Everything is then sent to our warehouse in Salt Lake City to be shipped out to you. Our swimwear is made with care and intention from the design to the packaging to shipping out an order. When you shop Lime Ricki, you are getting a stylish & comfortable suit made just for you from a company that cares!

July 08, 2020 — Nicole Bruderer