We are loving the peplum trend this season! It can be classy, flirty, or edgy. Who knew it could be so versatile? But our obvious favorite peplum style is in a sustainable swim top!

What’s your favorite way to wear peplum? Check out these five peplum styles and see which ones you would try:

peplum 5 ways top flirty dress professional pant edgy skirt classy swim summer


1 The Peplum Top

Feeling flirty? A subtle peplum hem on a class black top is playful and cute, giving you a little more pep in your step.

2 The Peplum Dress

Tired of straight, tight lines on professional clothing? Try a peplum dress for your next big presentation. Layer it with your favorite blazer for a polished, professional look.

3 The Peplum Pant

A pair of pants with a peplum waistline? This is an edgy silhouette perfect when you want to change things up!

4 The Peplum Skirt

The illusion of layers is the result of a peplum skirt - a classy skirt bottom that works for date night or the board room. 

5 The Peplum Swim Top

You’ve seen our Cream Dot Peplum Tankini, right?! Classic polka dots with a solid black collar and a fun peplum waist. So chic, so on trend.



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