How to Colorblock Swimwear Like a Pro
The best thing you can do for your closet (and your wallet) is curate a collection of staple pieces you can mix and match and wear forever. Here at Lime Ricki, we’re all about colorful basics. It makes it easy to mix, match, and colorblock endless adorable combinations. There is something so exciting about finding unexpected combinations, so we thought we’d share five of our favorite Lime Ricki color combos and why we love them together!

Sandstone & Cactus
How to Colorblock Lime Ricki Swimwear

I think we’re all hanging on tight to these last moments of summer, which is why the colors from our latest Vintage Tropical collection are perfect for dreaming of your next beachy getaway. Our Cactus Tie-Shoulder Crop paired with our Sandstone Reversible Ultra High-Waist Bottoms will make you feel like a garden, a resort, or a fruit salad. All of the above works for us. Plus, if one-pieces are your thing, we've done the colorblocking for you with the Cactus/Sandstone Knotted One-Piece. 

Orchid & Cactus
How to Colorblock Lime Ricki Swimwear

There’s something retro about pink and green that we just love! Our Orchid One-Shoulder Crop is a crowd favorite, and just when you thought it couldn’t get better, it pairs perfectly with our Cactus High-Waist Bottoms for the ultimate vintage inspired look.

Rust & Sandstone
How to Colorblock Lime Ricki Swimwear

We love colorblocking because there are so many ways to mix and match colors to fit every style. If you don't like the idea of contrasting colors, choose hues in the same color family! We paired the Sandstone Scoop Crop with the Rust High-Waist Bottoms for an ultra-sleek monotone-but-not-matching look. 

Mustard & White
How to Colorblock Lime Ricki Swimwear

White is a neutral that goes with so many different colors, so you can't really go wrong with any combination that includes our White High-Waist Bottoms. One of our favorite ways to wear it is with our Mustard Shoulder-Tie Crop, which will make you feel like sunshine wherever you go! 

Jade & Midnight
How to Colorblock Lime Ricki Swimwear

We've shown you how to mix warm colors, but now it's time to mix the cooler colors on the spectrum. We are obsessed with this earthy and cool color combo of Jade and Midnight.  Our Jade Green Double Cinch Tankini and our Midnight High-Waisted Bottoms create a cute and sporty combo – perfect for any and all activities.
Thanks for tuning in to our favorite Lime Ricki color combinations! What are your favorite colors to mix and match? 
September 17, 2021 — Lauren Nielsen

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