With warmer weather and the last of your winter vacations approaching fast, we decided to put together the ultimate cruise fashion guide! We’ll be sharing our recommendations for choosing the perfect pieces, from eveningwear and flattering tankinis to your new favorite swim dress. We’ll also teach you a little bit about style archetypes, and how to create outfits tailored to your style preferences. Whether you prefer the coverage of a one-piece or enjoy changing it up with mix and match swimwear, we’ll show you the cruise swimsuit styles that fit you best!


How To Style Your Cruise Swimwear, Based On Your Style Archetype

There are a handful of different style archetypes, but for our sake, we’re going to narrow them down and discuss the three variations that we think are easiest to incorporate into a cruise wardrobe. This is just a brief introduction to the concept of style archetypes, so there’s more info out there if you want it! For now, let’s look at these three archetypes:

1. Natural
The Natural archetype is the most laid-back of all the options. People who fit in with the natural archetype always prefer the freedom of comfort over restricting style any day. If you like your outfits to be low-maintenance and effortless, but you still want to look put together, then this is your archetype! To style your cruise outfits around the Natural archetype, you’ll want to focus on choosing pieces with flowy, relaxed fits and soft/natural fabrics. Here are our recommendations:

Swimwear: Comfortable and supportive. We have plenty of options for modest swimsuit bottoms and tankinis and swim tops for you to choose from, depending on your style. If you want to add a little color, choose a few pieces from the Tennis Court Collection. Inspired by the bright, bold colors of 80s preppy style and the retro vibe of our favorite summertime sport, this lineup allows you to easily transition from courtside to poolside, which can be perfect for all those cruise activities you’ll be doing.
Clothing: Stick to lightweight fabrics, like linen. You may get overheated in heavy, uncomfortable clothing.  Pack plenty of flowy pants, shorts, and dresses in neutral tones, that way you can easily mix and match pieces. Don’t forget a cover-up to throw over your suit!
Accessories: Simple and laid-back. You don’t need to go overboard on the accessories. Throw on your suit, cover-up, sunglasses, and a sunhat to stay cool and protected when you’re soaking in the rays. As for shoes, a simple pair of sandals or sneakers would be perfect for daytime activities. Just make sure to bring a nicer pair as well in case you need to dress up for dinner or an event!

2. Cosmopolitan
The Cosmopolitan archetype fits those who prefer a sophisticated, polished look. Cosmopolitans are always effortlessly chic. They’re constantly in the know about the latest trends, and they rock them with natural confidence. This is a luxurious, more curated look, and it definitely gives off big-city vibes! But no matter where you live, you can still adopt this look. Start with these tips:

Swimwear: Timeless yet modern. Something that’s classy but still fun and trendy works well for a Cosmopolitan in her cruise era. Our Black Swimsuit Collection has the perfect pieces for you! This is our favorite lineup of sleek and sophisticated resort swimwear, and it can be paired with just about anything.
Clothing: Sleek and professional. For your cruise clothing, you’ll want to opt for skirts, tailored dress pants, or even a nice pair of straight-leg jeans. A flowy blouse can help you keep cool while still looking sophisticated, and formal gowns make great dinnertime attire.
Accessories: Chic and effortless. Accessorize your cruise swimwear with your favorite sunglasses, jewelry, handbag, and a sun hat to add a luxurious feel to a casual fit.

3. Ingenue
The Ingenue archetype is for the people who like to look put together, but this style is more charming than the modern sophistication you find with Cosmopolitans. Think of the girl next door; the trustworthy person who dresses in light colors and classic silhouettes. Ingenues are perfectionists, but they’re also very supportive and kind. They prefer slim-fitting pieces and focus on small-scale details. Sound like you? Here’s how to pack for your cruise:

Swimwear: The Summer House Collection is perfect for those who fit with the Ingenue archetype. This collection was inspired by the wistful nostalgia of summertime in Cape Cod. Think of the scent of fresh laundry hanging on the line, the colors of hydrangeas and gerbera daisies in the garden, the sound of porch swings swaying in the breeze, and the waves hitting the sand in the distance. The Garden Party Swim Dress is another great option for those who want something with more coverage.
Clothing: This style archetype tends to prefer the business casual look. If you like designs featuring peplum, ruffles, polka dots, or lace, then this is your archetype! When packing for your cruise, choose pieces like rompers, jumpsuits, and flowy dresses to stay cute and cool in the sun. Look for seersucker patterns, stripes, and pastels, too.
Accessories: How you accessorize is really up to you! Pair your swimsuit with a matching flowy cover-up, or maybe an oversized striped long-sleeve shirt. Bring a few pairs of cute, casual sandals for lounging by the pool, and some nicer heels for your nighttime attire. From there, add whatever headwear or jewelry you’d like!


What Is A Style Archetype?

Style archetypes are ways for us to identify patterns in our style preferences, and give them a name. It’s a combination of your interests, personality traits, and preferences. Ask yourself the following questions: do you enjoy dressing up, or do you prefer to be comfortable? Are you comfortable with experimenting with your style choices, or do you like a traditional look? Do you have an outgoing personality that you want to portray through your clothing, or would you prefer a more reserved look? Your answers to questions like these will help you determine which archetype you most identify with. If you find that you don’t fit into a singular archetype, don’t worry. It’s common for people to be a combination of two or even three different archetypes.

Now that you’ve learned how to identify your style archetype, we hope you feel more confident about packing stylish staples for your next cruise. If you bring your Lime Ricki suits along, make sure to tag us in any pictures you post. We love to see our customers feeling beautiful in our swimwear!

March 31, 2023 — Nicole Bruderer

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