Lime Ricki may be an online business selling swimsuits all over the world, but the mountains of Salt Lake City is the place we are happy to call home. It might sound like an interesting place to run a swimwear business when it’s covered in snow half the year! While we aren't exactly near the beach, we do have a lot of amazing swimming holes and hot springs to play and relax in year-round! If you’re from Utah too, make sure you take your swimsuit along and take a dip in one of these before the summer ends!

1. Fifth Water Hot Springs

Looking for a gorgeous place to relax on a summer morning? Fifth Water is one of Utah’s hidden gems, tucked away at the end of a two mile hike. The springs have several pools and are a beautiful bright blue color that will have you thinking you’re in another world. It’s topped off by a gorgeous waterfall that flows over a cave you can duck inside to find a secret hot spring. Grab your bralette (perfect for hiking since it doubles as a sports bra) and get on your way!

2. Toquerville Falls

If you’re up for a bumpy drive on a dirt road in the southern Utah sun, you’ll find a secret oasis in the middle of the desert. Complete with two waterfalls and a large swimming hole, Toquerville Falls is the perfect place to spend a hot afternoon.  Bring a chair or a towel, lay out, and when you get too hot, take a dip in the perfect-temperature water.

3. Homestead Crater

Located in Midway, UT, this one is another geothermal pool – inside a crater! It is part of a resort so a $16 entrance fee does apply, but it’s worth it for a warm soak in the 96 degree water. If you’re up for it, you can even rent snorkeling or scuba diving equipment and check out what’s below the surface!

4. Mona Rope Swings

The Mona Ponds are about 30 minutes south of Provo and come equipped with several ropes and platforms to take a swing into the water. They’re nothing fancy, but it makes for a fun day in the water, and a good excuse to put on your swimsuit and soak up some vitamin D! For littler kids, there are some smaller rope swings too.

5. Kanarraville Falls

Another southern Utah gem, Kanarraville Falls is a destination the whole family can enjoy! Hike up a creek and through a gorgeous slot canyon, climb ladders over waterfalls, and finally arrive at the swimming hole, complete with a natural waterslide. You’ll want to climb up and slide down again and again! Pack a lunch on a hot day and take your time playing in the water and making your way up the canyon.

6. Meadow Hot Springs

If you find yourself passing by Fillmore on the way to one of these southern Utah swimming holes, make a quick stop in Meadow – the town just south of Fillmore – to check out the hot springs. They are actually deeper than they appear, which make them another popular destination for scuba divers. These springs are on private property, so make sure you leave no trace so everyone can continue to enjoy them!

What are some other perfect places to wear your swimsuit this summer, if you’re not near the beach? Let us know in the comments, and then make sure you grab a swimsuit for your next adventure!


July 19, 2016 — Shannon

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