We’ll admit it – our favorite social media platform has to be Pinterest. Everywhere you look, you can find a relatable quote, an inspiring image, or a delicious recipe. What’s not to love? Due to our obsession, we’ve spent the past several years putting together some – in our opinion – pretty solid Pinterest boards. So today we bring you 7 Lime Ricki Pinterest boards you need to follow.

1. Lime Ricki Swimwear 2017


Curious what we have in our newest collection? This board is always updated with the latest & greatest, and bonus – you can shop right from Pinterest with the Buy button!



Our board “Inspired by Lime Ricki” is one of our favorites because it features YOU, our amazing customers! We try to pin whenever we see a Lime Ricki in the wild, whether it’s on a blog, Instagram, or shared with us somewhere else. Follow it for inspiration on styling your suit or which prints and styles to mix and match!

3. Summertime


Who doesn’t love summertime? This board is full of colorful photos, yummy treats, and everything that reminds us of summer!

4. Quotes & Words


At Lime Ricki, we’re all about spreading a message of body positivity, and our quote board is full of those kind of encouraging words, along with beautiful calligraphy, cute doodles, and more.

5. Lime Ricki Lifestyle Blog


This is where you’ll find all our most recent blog posts, where you can easily skim through all our posts easily, and pin any of them you want to save to read later. You can also find quick previews to all of our downloadable content!

6. Food for Thought


We’re all about yummy food, and especially if it’s colorful and pretty! On our “Food for Thought” board, we’re collecting all the recipes we think look super delicious in the hopes that someday we’ll get around to making them.

7. Beaches & Tropical Travel


You need somewhere to wear your brand new Lime Ricki, don’t you? We think any one of these beaches would be nearly perfect.

If you’re not following any of these boards yet, hurry and click that button (or just follow them all). Now, back to pinning!

July 14, 2017 — Nicole

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