Here at Lime Ricki, we believe in empowering women to feel comfortable and confident in  swimsuit. That’s why we’re encouraging you to get in the water – forget about how you look, concentrate on how you feel, and dive into your day at the beach, pool, or wherever you’re wearing your swimmer.

We chatted with the women involved in our campaign to find out how they feel in Lime Ricki and why they choose to #getinthewater.


Get in the water with Lime Ricki |

“I’ll be honest, putting on a swimsuit has never been one of my favorite things to do because it made me focus on all the imperfections of my body, and what I desperately thought I needed to change about my body. But recently, I have learned that I don’t need to change my body to feel good about it, and what I actually needed to change was my mindset on how to view my body. I needed to realize that the thickness of my thighs are from the strength that I have worked hard to get, and that the curves of my body are actually a blessing because they are what make me confident, and finally I needed to realize that my body is never going to be perfect.

“Lime Ricki has only helped me better realize these things, by putting me in a swimsuit that I truly can just feel effortless and perfectly myself in. I am so grateful to be a part of a company that promotes modesty, comfort, acceptance, and beauty for all body types! Thanks to Lime Ricki I know that I can feel effortless and confident in a swimsuit again!”


Get in the water with Lime Ricki |

“In a Lime Ricki swimsuit I feel comfortable and confident! I feel like I can be active and not have to worry about my swimsuit falling off or anything, especially if I’m at the beach. I loved being part of the commercial – it was awesome seeing so many women rocking their swimsuit who were all different shapes and sizes and all equally beautiful. I’ve always struggled with my body image and I still do today, but I think it’s important to just own it and I feel like a Lime Ricki helps me do that.”


Get in the water with Lime Ricki |

“Body image has not been a life-long trial for me, but it is something that I have recently become more aware of. I was often told growing up how skinny or little I was and as I have gotten older, I have noticed that those comments come less frequent. I have come to recognize the validation and confidence I felt from those words. I am learning to find my own confidence in many ways, including wearing cute and comfortable clothing.

“While wearing a Lime Ricki, I feel that relaxation and comfort! The pieces are cute and colorful which help me to feel happy and unique. I am grateful for the positive influences I have in my life that remind me to appreciate and find the beauty in my body.”


Get in the water with Lime Ricki |

“I’ve always struggled with accepting my body type. Lime Ricki helps share a positive message about loving yourself how you are because it’s what’s truly important. If we can’t love ourselves for who we are now, how are we going to progress in life? In my Lime Ricki, I feel comfortable enough to be my truest self.”


Get in the water with Lime Ricki |

“Being part of this commercial was amazing to say the least! The entire team was full of energy and happiness! Everyone instantly became friends. The best part was how confident I felt in my swimsuit. I usually don’t have experiences like that. In Lime Ricki, I feel carefree. When wearing other swimsuits, I tend to always worry something is going to fall down or that it is highlighting a bad area of my body. I’ve never felt that in Lime Ricki suits. They’re flattering, comfortable, and I’m covered all of the time.

“I’ve had a lot of ups and downs with my body. This past year, I’ve really become best friends with my body, even on its bad days. I realized that literally everyone’s bodies are so different. I can’t change my bones or my structure, that’s who I am and how I’m staying. I choose now to embrace my beautiful, unique body, and all of its imperfections. Work what you got, instead of wishing for what you’re not.”


Get in the water with Lime Ricki |

“2 years ago I shot with Lime Ricki for the first time. I can remember feeling a little self conscious about my pigmentation on my leg. When the new line was released, it was nice to see that none of the images were retouched to remove any ‘blemishes.’ I have come to learn that body confidence has little to do with having the perfect body and more to do with being comfortable in your own skin.”

So grab your swimsuit and leave your reservations behind. Use the hashtag #getinthewater on Instagram so we can see your adventures – and to enter our weekly contest for great prizes where we feature your posts!

Get in the water with Lime Ricki |

May 09, 2017 — Shannon

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