Splashing into summer, regardless of when summer is for you, is far more fun when you're prepared! Keeping yourself, your family, or your kids happy, safe, and sun-protected during a vacation, weekend away, or a day in the sun makes everything so much easier.

When it comes time to create some bright summery memories, there are some summertime essentials for fun in the sun we think you might want to check out before it's time to pack up and hit the waves. These essentials will make your staycation, trip, or a day at the beach or by the pool so much smoother that you'll wonder how you ever went without!

Beauty and Style Must-Haves Modest, comfortable, cute and stylish swimsuits.

We can't begin this list without highlighting the most important item of any water-side fun, the bathing suit! Did you know that you can easily balance cute, stylish, ready-to-wear anywhere and modest all at once with the right bathing suit? Look no further than our most popular styles found right here at Lime Ricki!

The florals are in bloom, and so are you! Check out our peony knitted crop or our absolutely stunning, fun, and cute Peach leopard ca-sleeve crop and easily pair them with comfortable Jade boyshorts, high-waisted Jade ruffle skirt, or for the always timeless and classic cross-front one piece!

Hair Clips

Coming back with a super-useful vengeance is the hair clip. Many of us 90s girls remember these, and this summer, they've been seen everywhere for a good reason. No fuss and no effort, ladies, clip your hair back out of your face or off your neck in a straightforward motion. Plus, they come in every color and pattern imaginable to effortlessly match anything you love to wear, from clear to the always popular tortoiseshell finishes.

Large Sunglasses

You may have seen several must-have lists, and fashionistas claim that tiny sunglasses are in and large are out but don't be fooled. Oversized sunglasses are effortlessly glamorous and have never really gone out of trend, especially in summer or in tropical climates. Always trendy, there is a multitude of simplistic and elegant to glitzy and glam styles to choose from to make you feel like the Hollywood starlet on vacation.

The Classic Oversized Sun Hat

The versatile and beautiful oversized sunhat virtually never goes out of style, especially in the summer or along tropical get-away beaches. Whether made of straw or fabric, nowadays it's recommended to pair your sunscreen with a sunhat for even better UV protection—plus, it looks fantastic. Thanks to advances in technology, too, many sunhats now come with UPF ratings. UPF stands for Ultraviolet Protection Factor. Ultraviolet is responsible for damaging our skin and is the number one cause of skin cancer. Smart and gorgeous-looking sunhats? You need them!

Large Tote Bag

You've got to have somewhere to fit your beach towel, or 12 of them if traveling with family, a place for the sunscreen, the kid's toys, the water, and anything else you'll need to bring with you. For the best quality, look for oversized tote bags that are water-resistant or waterproof with a sturdy, reinforced base to handle all and any extras you want to carry.

Essentials for your Beach bag.

Whether your going poolside, lakeside, or to the beach, you know you'll need to pack your bag with the items you use most. Make sure to consider these items to have on hand to make your day better!

Reusable Water Bottle

It's essential to stay hydrated, especially when it's over 80 degrees outside. Get yourself a perfectly cute or sensible reusable water bottle to keep with you at all times, so you never have to go thirsty. The great thing about reusable water bottles is that they cut down on waste, many of them can keep your drinks cold for hours, and it's great to use every day, too, not just at the beach!

Waterproof Sunscreen

For sunscreen to be effective, it needs to be reapplied frequently, even the waterproof kind. Ensure you have plenty of sunscreen for yourself, your family, or kids in your bag at hand for when it needs to reapplying to avoid a painful sunburn or other skin issues down the road!

Hooded Towels

For those with kids, cover-ups are great, and all—but the easiest and quickest (as well as perhaps most fun) ways to let your kids warm up and dry off for lunch breaks in between swimming are hooded towels! These great towels are the perfect solution for a towel that keeps them warm and won't fall off. Plus, they are adorable!

Bluetooth speaker

Be your own DJ wherever you go with a lightweight, easy-to-pack Bluetooth speaker. Or, if you're a fan of audible books, a Bluetooth speaker is a fantastic option to skip the headset. Many Bluetooth speakers these days are waterproof, shockproof, and have an excellent range of sound.

Fun in the Water

Don't forget to have fun in the water, too! There are so many great games and items you can include when you go swimming that will make floating along luxurious or full of laughter either way.

Pool Floaties or Tubes

Just because they have the word pool in them doesn't mean they can't be an excellent addition to the lake or seaside too. There are so many pool floaties and tubes, loungers, or chairs for kids and adults alike these days to choose from—everything from the traditional and straightforward pool noodles to entire inflatable islands with built-in coolers.

Water Toys and Games

There's more to the water than swimming! Play some fun games while enjoying the sun and the cool, crisp, refreshing water. There's a wide range of games that can be played, especially when enjoying a pool, such as:

  • Floating basketball hoop and floating basketballs.
  • Squirting water guns
  • The classic beach ball
  • Water balloons
  • Inflatable pool cornhole
  • Floating swim through rings
  • Pool volleyball
  • Floating ringtoss
  • Hydro Lacrosse
  • Underwater diving toys
  • Mermaid tails

Just to name a few! We think this is a great start to get your fun going when it comes to summertime essentials for fun in the sun! Make sure to pack a few of these before your next pool day, long weekend, or vacation for a memorable and wonderful time!