Have you always wanted to rock a one-piece bathing suit but thought, for whatever reason, you couldn't? Have you yet to find a one-piece swimsuit that feels as comfortable as a second skin, and looks great too? Perhaps you've been mistakenly told that you don't have the 'build' or 'body' for a one-piece, and you've been avoiding one ever since.

A one-piece swimsuit is a classic staple for hitting the beach or lounging beside your own home's pool. Thanks to innovations in fashion as well as design, newer styles of swimsuits are being made right here to fit and look amazing on all shapes and silhouettes. Providing more modest coverage than the average bikini, yet just as fashionable as ever, there are many options to choose from in terms of fit, cut, color, and design. No one-size-fits-all solution is viable for swimwear, which means it's important to create swimwear that is as diverse as the bodies that wear it.

We're here to set the myth aside that you need to be a certain size or shape to look wonderful in a one-piece, giving you sizing tips for wearing a one piece that will look amazing on anybody.

Match the Suit to Your Body, Not the Body to the Suit

Unfortunately, there are still some companies out there that offer a lacking line of swimsuits fit for one type of body, ignoring the fact that no one is the same. This often materializes in their one-piece suits that appear to be the same cut, just different colors, and styles with limiting sizes, cuts, and support. This results in a myriad of women becoming disappointed in their swimsuits as they end up not fitting properly. A one-piece shouldn't force any woman to conform their body to it, but instead, conform to her natural, already beautiful shape.

Knowing what the general shape of your body is, is a powerful tool for one piece swimsuit shopping. Armed with the right knowledge, you can begin choosing a suit that has been built specifically for you, instead of a single suit meant to fit a single shape. Some women have short or long legs, some have a square or round shoulders, some have large or small busts and so on—accommodating these bodies allows women to embrace what they wear and the freedom to feel confident wearing it! So start with your body shape!

Round Body Shape

For the ladies with larger busts and waistlines that aren't as distinctive as hour-glass shapes, a one-piece that will certainly feel as fabulous as it looks is easy. The fit you're looking for in your perfect one piece will feature these important details:

  • Excellent chest support featuring thicker of more comfortable straps and plenty of reinforcement at the chest for larger busts.
  • Accents at the waist to help define it more. This can be a wrap, a line of color, ruching, or layering around the waist that separates the chest and hip area to let your one-piece look balanced.

An excellent round body shape swimsuit to consider might be the Black Triangle One-Piece or the Petals Wrap-Tie One-Piece.

Hourglass Body Shape

This shape is a lucky one! If you're an hourglass body shape you have a fuller chest, a defined waistline, and hips that are as wide or almost as wide as your shoulders. This means you have great luck feeling comfortable in almost every one-piece swimsuit. One-pieces with straps and solid colors or subtle patterns are often advised so that your body's natural shape shines through.

Our hourglass ladies might enjoy our Candy Stripe Cinch one-piece. Triangle Body Shape

For the women with curvy hips or a wider lower body and slim shoulders, a one-piece that shows off your gorgeous shoulders might be the suit you fall in love with. Features to try are items like wider straps or bold and fun patterns at the top, off the shoulder, or ruffles along your shoulders.

Take, for example, our stunning Marine one-shoulder one piece with ruffles, or the retro Black Seersucker one-piece.

Inverted Triangle Body Shape

For the wider upper body ladies with gorgeous strong shoulders and/or a bust that may be more prominent than your hips and waist, never fear. The one-pieces that you'll fall in love with accentuate your lower body. Printed patterns will no doubt be your next delight, plus ruching and ruffles. Textured styles may be what you've been missing in your one piece as well.

You might find that our Moss Gingham Knotted or our Lavender Open-Back One-Piece becoming your newest favorite seaside suit!

Rectangle Body Shape

Our ladies with rectangle body shapes tend to have a longer torso with hips and shoulders that are nearly equal in size. Imagine more of a straight line from shoulders to hips. You're no doubt a more a wonderfully athletic build. If this is your shape, go for the bold and the fun one-piece swimsuits with exciting patterns and color-blocks. Like other shapes, you might find ruffles an adorably flattering addition with fabric ruching at the sides.

Styles like our favorite classic Black One-Piece, Plum Tank One-Piece, or the Blossoms Knotted One-piece might catch your eye!

When it comes to sizing tips for your next one piece swimsuit, we hope that you remember ultimately that no matter what shape nor what size—we believe your natural body is amazing just the way it is! At Lime Ricki, we're passionate about getting you back into the water and freeing you from the curse of ill-fitting suits that keep you worrying about fit or slippage. Swimsuits designed by women, for women allow us to focus on the unique needs with an insight few swimsuit companies understand.

Modest, stylish, and comfortable, we have a fit and a design for everyone and even offer a try before you buy. This gives you the chance to ensure that you've picked the right suit for you. So, what are you waiting for? Find the swimsuit you've been looking for and get back to the waves!