Ever think to yourself: phew, what a week! And then look at the calendar and realize it's only Monday? If the days have begun to grind down to a painful standstill and you find yourself feeling more and more exhausted, you might be on the road toward burnout. Nobody should have to run on empty. Sometimes, you need to try your best to find your balance to feel positive and hopeful again.

Sometimes what you need is a girls-only weekend getaway! No spouse, no kids, no laundry, no worries for a day or two, and just recharge with your besties. But someone's got to plan the getaway, and maybe you're having a hard time thinking of something?

Don't worry. We got you with some of our favorite ideas for planning a girls-only weekend getaway!

The Planning

What do you and your girlfriends need the most? Don't mix up 'want' with 'need.' Each of your besties may have their ideas on what to do and where to go, but what's more important than all of that? The intention behind it all. A successful girls' weekend away will be turned into what you and your friends need the most. For example, if everyone's been overloaded at work for months, constantly on call, in meetings, answering emails—maybe consider an unplugged vacation getaway somewhere far from wifi. Are they overwhelmed with family responsibilities? If possible, it's time to try and have a spa day or weekend of treatments and delicious food. And if it has simply been too long since you've had fun together, plan a getaway that has some of your favorite games, activities, or a getaway that will let you go out on the town together.

Too Many Destinations Overwhelm

If you've got a lit of 10 different options, hotels, places to visit, and an itemized day crammed full of things to do, there may be no way for your friends to all agree to one thing, let alone all of that. If you're the one planning, pick the destination that suits you and your friends' needs best, do some research to make sure it's reputable, and send them the destination. At best, have a second choice as a backup just in case, but being decisive will help keep the goal at hand. Next, find and propose one or two options for staying at a hotel or campsite as well as suggested activities and make sure you have plenty of scheduled time to do nothing and hang out, too.

Set a budget per person.

The most important part of planning a girls' weekend away is not a packed list of things to do and places to go to. The most crucial aspect is having all of your friends together without them feeling left out. Some of your girlfriends could be struggling financially, and she could be feeling like she can't afford to go. Ask your girls to be honest with you and about how much they have to spend for the weekend. And if you're on a budget while planning, there's no shame in finding the most DIY and cost-effective ways to have a getaway without a hotel or cabin too. Staycations can be just as great!

Look for the Right Accommodations

You don't want to try and book your getaway in a hotel and find out that you have three different rooms on three different floors or campsites too far away from one another that it takes 20 minutes of driving to get to one another. It's all about togetherness, and it's hard to be together if you have to travel what seems like miles to be with one another. Then again, arranging for everyone to share a single suite or camper and cabin means waiting in line to get to the bathroom and very little alone time when you girls want to unwind. Pick a place that can accommodate easy access between you and your friends but also allow you and your friends to have privacy and time to relax at the end of the day and enjoy their own space too.

Set up some ground rules

You want this getaway to go with as few hitches and issues as possible, so ensure everything remains as fair as possible. As the planner, you're most often in charge of equality too, and that can be tough. But by setting a few ground rules beforehand, you can keep things going smoothly. Make sure you can compromise and ensure that everyone is on the same page. Misunderstandings can be avoided by stating the basics right at the outset, whether it's who gets the couch bed and main bed, or how the checks will be split if going out to eat, or who should bring what supplies for camping.

Girls Only Weekend Getaway Ideas

So where do you go? What should you do? Here are some top ideas for budgets of all kinds for a girls' weekend getaway!

  • What's local? If you live along the East Coast, there are a ton of last-minute or very affordable weekend getaway options. Quick trips to romantic inns, family-friendly beach spots, and cottages for rent, historical attractions to visit and see.
  • Check out your closest National Parks, as they may have 'glamping,' cabins, or camping options in gorgeous spots available for a nature-filled getaway.
  • Check out the local hotels for prices and any available unique amenities like in-room massages, spa appointments, mani and Pedi services, or even things like poolside drinks for a tropical getaway feel.
  • Plan and go on a picnic to a beautiful and scenic park
  • Explore nature with hiking along with camping
  • Make a bonfire party weekend
  • Have a stay in a movie night and play Bartender, learning to make a classic cocktail to perfection
  • Pack a suitcase full of hilarious games to have a girls game and wine night
  • Plan a relaxing getaway centered around wellness like meditation, yoga, nature, and sunshine

If you and your girlfriends have begun feeling your energy drain and emotions are starting to dip, there are all sorts of options available to planning a girls-only weekend getaway that just may be the very thing you all need to rest and recharge.