One Piece vs. Two Piece Swimwear

Swimsuits, like other pieces of clothing, can be very personal in what you decide to wear. Thankfully, just like clothing, there is a wide variety of swimsuit styles and types, so you can find the perfect fit for your personal tastes and comfort levels. You may be wondering about one piece vs. two-piece swimsuits and what their main differences are in an effort to help you decide the best option for you. Check out our comparison to find the right fit!

One Piece Swimsuits

One-piece swimwear is exactly what it sounds like, instead of multiple pieces, it is all one connected piece. However, that doesn't mean that one-piece swimsuits are plain. In fact, there is a wide variety of one-piece swimsuits, it's just a matter of what you're looking for. Just like two pieces, one piece swimsuits come in a variety of styles from the regular tank style that you are most likely most familiar to a ruffled top, a wrapped front, and even knotted options with a slight cut out in the stomach area. They also come in open backs, with slight triangle cutouts, and many other styles.

Besides style, some may prefer the ease of one-piece swimsuits. You don't have to worry about matching pieces or having multiple tops and bottoms, as these pieces are all attached. You may also find them to be more comfortable than two pieces, as you don't have to fiddle with the bottoms on your waist or anything like that.

One-pieces offer an effortlessly chic look, allowing you to do a variety of beach and pool activities from playing beach volleyball to laying out and working on your tan or even diving into the waves. In some other swimwear, you may be worried about having to readjust after certain activities, but in a one piece, you can confidently pursue any activity with ease.

You also will receive a bit more protection from the sun in a one piece versus a two pieces swimsuit, which may be very appealing for those who burn easily or those who want to avoid the harmful UV rays. This will offer potentially more coverage, though sunscreen is always recommended for a day out in the sun.

As for support, one pieces can be very supportive for women with larger busts, though two piece tops can offer just as much support, as the main thing you're looking for there is a shelf bra that will offer that needed support. Those are in multiple styles of swimwear, so you can rest easy if a one piece is not what you prefer to wear.

Two Piece Swimsuits

Now for the two piece. Two-piece swimwear is generally thought of to offer more versatility in fashion choice. With two pieces, you can mix and match a variety of pieces together to create a new look every day you're out on the beach, while reusing one of the pieces. This offers more versatility than a one piece, though you do have to purchase more pieces in order for that to work. So if you want the ability to mix and match, a two piece is definitely the right choice.

Now, you may be concerned that a two piece is too revealing for your taste and comfort level, and thankfully, that is not the case at all! Two pieces do come in the bikini that you may be thinking of, but they also come in crop tops, tankinis, peplums, bralette styles, and more! And that's just the tops. The bottoms also come in much wider variety than that of a one piece, allowing you to find a variety of styles that you find comfortable and cute. For bottoms, there's the classic cut, which is what you'll find on a one piece, as well as high waisted and even swim skirts.

All of those options listed offer plenty of coverage and are comfortable for a variety of beach or poolside activities including frisbee or jumping in the waves. For those who are concerned about the tops not offering enough support, some of our two piece tops come with shelf bras, which will offer plenty of support for those who are a bit larger in the bust area and need extra support to remain comfortable in their swimwear all day and through all activities. We also have options with thicker straps, which will also offer a bit more support than something with a very thin strap.

Overall, the two piece allows you to show off a little more skin, while also showing off different mix and match skills that you have to create the perfect custom swim look for you.

There is no right or wrong answer in the one piece vs. two-piece swimsuits debate. Both suits are wonderful options for a variety of shapes and sizes, and both offer modest coverage and are comfortable choices. This is truly a decision that must be decided by each person. If you want a bit more freedom to mix and match, then a two piece is a great choice. If you prefer not having to worry about that, a one piece is a wonderful option for your next beach day.