When summertime rolls around you'll want to reach for your favorite swimsuit and coverup each day. However, we all know that's not always realistic to spend a day by the pool or the beach, however, you can style your cover-ups in various ways that make them appropriate for everyday wear. We guide you through how to pull this off for the perfect summer look.

How to Style Cover-ups for Any Occasion

Whether you're on vacation or just want to feel vacation vibes during your regular day, there are ways to style cover-ups that make it easy for you to wear them anywhere and everywhere.


Kimonos are a very popular type of cover up this season, which works perfectly because they can be styled in a variety of ways that are ideal for everyday errands and going to work, not just spending time by the water.

  • Style it with a pair of shorts and a tank or t-shirt. Kimonos can easily be paired with a bright colored tee or tank and a pair of jean shorts. They add a lightweight cover that will protect your shoulders and add to your outfit, but people may not even realize it's supposed to be a cover-up. In fact, there are many kimonos on the market specifically for wearing out and about with friends or running errands.
  • Put it over a dress and add a belt. If you need to head in to work, there's no better way to style it than by taking a dress, adding a kimono and cinching it at the waist with a belt. You'll look great, and you'll have a nice polished professional look, with a fun twist. You'll be fully covered, and the kimono won't have you sweating if you step outside for a minute like a cardigan or blazer would.

These are great cover-ups and you can easily wear them in several other ways. Put with a pair of shorts or jeans or even a skirt for a more professional look. You can tie it up on the waist or you can tuck it in, the possibilities with them are close to endless.


In many cases, any dress can be turned into a cover-up. If you have a dress that is a little bit lighter weight, make sure you have a slip underneath or that nothing shows through, and then dress it up with accessories. Add a cute pair of sandals, some nice jewelry to catch everyone's attention, and then a cute clutch to match. You'll have a show-stopping look that no one will ever figure was worn over your swimsuit just a few days ago.

When you take something like a swimsuit cover-up and use it in other ways, you're not only recycling fashion and ensuring that you don't have to keep buying clothing, but you're also expanding your wardrobe choices. Our swim tops can be styled as crop tops with a pair of jeans or shorts, and you can easily tweak the swimsuit cover-ups to fit your style and be appropriate for heading out with friends or grabbing a bite to eat, and even heading into the office during a hot summer day. It's just a matter of how you look at it, and how you style it.