Anxiety is a very annoying feeling. It can make us miss out on doing fun things that we loved, all because we go through what if scenarios and circle around in our thoughts so much that we just give up on the idea completely. We worry about what people will say or think, and it can happen to any of us and over anything. For many women, the warmer weather brings with it swimsuit anxiety. Instead of being excited about being able to hit the water park or the beach or pool, they are instead worrying about how they look in a swimsuit, what others will think, what kind of suit they can wear, and so many other thoughts.

Believe it or not, this is a vicious cycle that you don't have to be trapped in. In fact, we have some simple tips to help you conquer swimsuit season anxiety and embrace this warmer weather with open arms.

The main cause of this anxiety is related to you not feeling good in your skin. We all have our moments of not feeling like we're pretty enough or good enough or look a certain way, it's an unfortunate thing that society has put into our minds. So what's the first step to feeling better in your skin? Simple, make yourself feel great about how you look! Do you feel better when you wear a certain color? Then rock that color in your swimwear! Do florals just make you happy? Wear them! Treat yourself to a pedicure if you love the look of freshly painted toes but aren't so handy at DIYing those. Splurge for a manicure too if that makes you feel more confident. Wear the cute sandals and the sunglasses that make you feel like a movie star. The better you feel on the inside, the more you will glow on the outside. You'll also feel better about yourself, even with these small changes. Do you like to eat certain foods because they make you feel better inside and out? Then do that! We are in control of what we put in our bodies, what we wear, and how we feel, so make sure you do things that make you feel beautiful, inside and out. Everyone has their own personal confidence boosters, so experiment, find what makes you feel best, whether it be a cute dress or a new hairstyle. Whatever it is, take care of yourself, and you'll find that your self-confidence builds each day.

Now that you've gotten the confident feeling, you now have to work on yourself from the inside out. It would be great to say that a quick pep talk and a good pair of sunglasses would be enough to get you through swimsuit anxiety, but sadly, it's just not. Our culture has made it increasingly difficult to feel positive about your body unless you fit a certain look, which the majority of us don't. With photoshop, it's practically impossible to achieve the standard beauty look we see in magazines, and why would you even want to? Every body is beautiful, and we know how hard it can be to believe that when society says otherwise, but it's something you have to believe. Even if there are certain aspects about your body that you don't always love, you have to admit that you are a beautiful person inside and out. Our culture is slowly moving towards more body positivity, and this is a great movement, but it is slow going. And part of it comes down to us. We have to accept our bodies as they are as well. No matter what size you are, you will likely always find a flaw with your body, but don't let that flaw you think you see stop you from living your life. If you love the feel of the sun and the surf, then go enjoy it. Wear a swimsuit that makes you feel good, and then enjoy your moment. Don't let what others may or may not be thinking get into your head. We don't know what anyone is thinking about, and it's quite possible they are paying more attention to their own anxieties rather than anything going on with you.

Finally, choosing the right swimsuit can be key in helping you to feel confident. That's what this company was founded on. Letting women find the right swimsuit that doesn't make them feel uncomfortable or showing too much skin when they're much more modest. It's why we have such a large selection of suits on the site. We know that women don't come in a one size fits all, and more importantly, that we all have different comfort levels. Mix and match to create the perfect suit for your comfort levels and ones that make you feel amazing. Loving your suit and feeling like a million bucks is a great start to banishing swimsuit anxiety for good.

Just keep in mind, there is no beach body besides the body you're already in. You deserve to enjoy the sun and ocean as much as the next person, and the best way to do that is in your perfect body. It's really as simple as that, and hopefully these steps will help you to step out on the beach with confidence. Also, keep in mind, to grow your comfort level, you sometimes have to push past anxiety. Don't let anxiety take away anything else in your life.