To help you find the best swimsuit for your body shape, we've gathered a few popular body shape terms and what they mean to better pair you with the perfect suit you've always wanted.

Triangle Shape

The triangle shape is most often defined as a figure that has a smaller bust and waist in proportion to the hips and thighs, which are generally more generous in curves. If your body closely resembles a triangle shape, you may be looking for the right swimwear that works to balance your silhouette while being comfortable at the same time. Suits to look for that may be perfect for your body shape:

  1. Ruffled one-shoulder crop, such as the Orchid One-Shoulder Crop top, or the one-piece Marine One-Shoulder.
  2. Draw the eye upward if you wish with beautiful prints and embellishments with ruffles, ruched or draped styles like Tuscany Wrap-tie one-piece, black wrap one-piece, orchid cap-sleeve peplum, or the rust cap sleeve crop.
  3. Pair tops and tankinis with classic bottoms or high waist bottoms.
Oval Shape

Oval shape is mostly defined as a full chest, wider shoulders, and upper back with a straight waist. Gathered swimsuits at the waist or along the side of the waist are a fantastic complement if that's a classic style you're looking for and always is a sophisticated look. Don't be afraid to add a cute or fun pattern or even texture to your swimsuit too, whether overlapping or side to side. Pair a tankini, crop top, or peplum with a comfortable pair of high waisted bottoms or an adorable skirt. Some great examples to look at:

  1. Blossoms knotted one piece
  2. Forest wrap-tie one piece
  3. Midnight A-Back peplum
  4. Midnight high-waist bottom
Small Bust

With a smaller bust, you can pull off a stunning one-shoulder swimsuit without the worry of slippage. You can rock a bralette as well, and a cute peak-suit without revealing too much skin, both a perfect shape for those with small busts. Some gorgeous swimwear to consider:

  1. Rust keyhole tankini
  2. Retro daisy cage bralette
  3. Blue seersucker one-shoulder crop
  4. Blossoms knotted one-piece
Large Bust

Shopping for a swimsuit for your body type when you have a larger bust can become difficult. Most often, the top of the swimsuit is too big, and the bottoms fit right, or the bottoms are far too loose and the top fits well, or worse—there's no support at all in the top. You'll want a top or one piece that offers softness and comfort without wire as well as a double-lined shelf bra with foam cups for added comfort. Additionally, look for straps and ties that are adjustable to help you choose the right amount of support for you.

Check out our:

  1. Black gingham ruched tankini
  2. Black mesh tankini top
  3. Black seersucker one-piece
  4. Rust high neck
Diamond shape

A diamond shape is often described as having hips broader than bust or shoulder with shapely legs and proportionate arms. Wearing a belted one-piece might give you the right look you've been searching for. If you find you'd love to add even more definition to your middle but not a belt, a two-piece with color blocking or emphasis on the waist. Some examples that you might love:

  • Lavender racerback crop
  • Rainbow stripe smock crop top
  • Forest wrap-tie one-piece
  • Tropical classic one-piece

Pair any crop tops or tankini tops with a pair of dark high waisted bottoms or boy-shorts.

Hourglass shape

The hourglass shape is a beautiful, curvy body to have! Your shoulders and hips are probably proportionate, and you have good luck in finding a bathing suit that looks great on you. High-neck halters or high-necked crop tops will no doubt fit you fantastically, and ruffle skirts with bottoms will no doubt be a stylishly cute, fun addition to pair with it. High waisted bottoms are against a great choice, emphasizing your waist.

  1. Blossoms ruffle skirt with bottoms
  2. Blossoms high-neck peplum
  3. Lavender open-back one piece
  4. Blue seersucker one-shoulder crop
Straight shape

The straight body shape is most often defined by having your hips and bust balanced with a straight waist. You might like the look of our suits with bold, fun patterns, or horizontal lines to look great and feel great. Examples of what to look for or what might work for you:

  1. Black stripe wrap tankini top
  2. Black seersucker one shoulder crop
  3. Black gingham one-shoulder one piece
  4. Birds high-neck peplum
Inverted Triangle shape

The inverted triangle body shape, often also known as cone or strawberry, is a common shape, defined by shoulders much wider than the hips and most often a straight or undefined waist. If you are looking for the perfect complementary modest swimsuit, your best bet is to look for bottoms and suits that may add definition to your waistline and hips. For tops, look for classic necklines with thicker straps and consider a top with midriff coverage that covers most if not all. Shirring and ruching around the midsection help carve a waistline if that is something you're looking for. So, for example:

  • Black gingham ruched tankini
  • Olive tank one-piece or plum tank one-piece
  • Plum ruched bottom
Leopard halter tankini top

At Lime Ricki, you will find that no matter what shape you are, we will have the swimsuit perfect for your body—as we believe that all bodies are perfect just the way they are. We believe that women should have a multitude of choices in the best, highest quality, and widest range of modest swimwear possible. We want our customers to look and feel empowered to take on their favorite hobbies in the water once more. To us, what's most important is finding the right suit to empower you, and why we have fit specialists standing by to help you at any time, plus the ability to try before you buy!