For those of us that love wearing makeup, the process of putting it on and finishing a look makes us feel empowered and confident in our skin. It may seem less so from the outside. Many may not understand how curling our lashes and finding the perfect lipgloss can be empowering, but when we couple this with a positive mindset and attitude, wearing makeup becomes a symbol of something greater than a blush or a highlighter.

When it comes to heading to the beach, some may find the idea of wearing makeup for a beach outing pointless. But we offer an exciting counter: for many, wearing makeup makes a huge difference in their confidence, helping them navigate unpredictable and overwhelming situations and allowing them to look as good as they wish to feel. Even scientific studies can back up the psychology between wearing fantastic clothing or makeup, leading to mood-boosting results.

So whether you love the ritual of putting on makeup, the mood-boosting effects, the way you can change your look from day to day, or just because it makes you feel powerful—we say go for it! Wear it to the beach! And we just so happen to have some of the best Makeup tips for a beach day you might love!

Best Makeup and Makeup Tips for a Beach Day

We know wearing makeup pool, lake, or oceanside can be a little tricky. You're battling the elements such as UV rays from the sun, intense sweating, saltwater, or chlorine-treated water. Weak cosmetic formulas can't withstand the beach, but with the right ingredients and application—you may be able to dazzle your beautiful makeup all day, dry or wet! Wearing makeup at the beach can mean a delicate balance between looking how you like while remaining sweat-resistant and waterproof.


The number one, most significant, most essential priority here is never to skip the sunscreen. Don't just use a makeup product with SPF in it. Apply sunscreen before applying your makeup. Sun protection for your skin should be non-negotiable as it protects your skin from harmful cancer-causing UV rays and premature aging.


Skip the traditional silicone-like primer you may have in your regular beauty routine. These often sit on top of your skin and tend to wash away easily. Instead, look for a primer that has hyaluronic acid as an ingredient. Hyaluronic acid hydrates your skin while minimizing pores while remaining lightweight. This ingredient is beneficial for those prone to dry skin around the nose, cheeks, and forehead and makes for a great way to prep for a day at the beach.

Skip the Heavy Full Coverage Foundation if You Can

Full coverage of heavy foundation tends to look cakey quickly, and when the temps soar at the beach, your sweat begins mixing with your sweat which can lead to clogged pores and breakouts. Additionally, some long-time or water-resistant foundations may have ingredients that aren't great for your skin, such as wax, solvents, polymers, and silicones. Not all waterproof makeup contains these ingredients, but there's a chance. Go for a very lightweight, tinted moisturizer or BB cream if you feel you need it. Look for water-resistant, lightweight tinted moisturizers or BB creams, as their ingredients tend to be less irritating and pore-clogging.

Powder Free

Many of us are used to sealing our foundation or concealer with face powder. While you might want to toss your favorite face powder compact into your bag for touch-ups after the day in the sun and water, you'll want to skip using any face powder in your makeup routine while applying makeup and while at the beach. Unfortunately, the oils, sweat, and water will mix with your powder to make a blotchy mess. If you live for a great powdered bronzer, try replacing the powder bronzer with a small drop of water-resistant foundation roughly four shades darker than your usual hue to give you the same effect but without washing off.

Water Resistant Eyebrow, Mascara, and Eyeliner Products are a Go

Suppose you're going in the water but don't want to lose your luscious lashes or have your perfectly lined brows and winged eyeliner (or natural-looking eyeliner) disappear. In that case, a water-resistant formula will be perfect. You can use a water-resistant pencil or gel on your brows. A good pencil or gel formula should stay put for several hours, so long as you don't forget and rub your eyes after coming up from a dive.

Switch the Gloss for a Balm

Sorry to all the big lip gloss stans, but if you're at the beach, you might want to leave the gloss at home. Sticky gloss is just a magnet for stray hairs blown by the breeze, not to mention fighting with any bits of sand that might be kicked up. If you use a hydrating balm with a tint, it will keep your lips moisturized, looking, and feeling great too. Many also contain SPF with a fantastic color selection that can last quite a while.

Cream Blush

Just like setting powder and bronzer powder, if you can't go without some color on your cheeks, pass on the powdered blush and go for a cream blush. Cream blushes tend to be heavier, thicker, and easier to build—with that in mind, if it's your first time using a cream blush to the beach, go lightly at first. It's always easier to add more makeup and color if you need it than having to wipe everything off and start again.

There are also some fantastic long-lasting lip and cheek tints on the market today that can pull double duty as lip color and blush, so if you love a product that can multi-task, consider trying one!

When choosing the right beach-friendly makeup, almost every makeup artist in the industry always recommends switching to lightweight, sheer, creamy products for the heat, as they all help lessen the chance of your makeup turning into a sweat-streaked, cakey moment. And almost every makeup and skincare guru can agree, the best-looking makeup all starts with excellent skin hydration and sunscreen use, so don't forget these basics to look stunning with your beachy makeup vibes!