The holidays are always a special time, whether you are celebrating with family or friends, there's nothing like a holiday in the middle of summer to celebrate the beginning of our country. You no doubt have plans and may be wondering just how to accessorize for a Fourth of July party. There are several ways this can be done with your favorite swimsuit, so you are comfortable and picture-ready, even after a day spent by the pool and in the sun. Just don't forget the sunscreen!

Accessorizing for a Fourth of July Party

One way that you'll commonly see in pictures is the stars and stripes bikini, which is certainly an option for this holiday, but to us, it seems like it would be better to have a swimsuit that you can wear year-round, rather than one for just one holiday. That's why we'd rather focus on how to accessorize one of your standard suits for the holiday rather than focus on getting a suit you'll only wear once. Our midnight stripe suits are a great choice for the holiday, as they incorporate the colors and can easily be accessorized with. Not only that, but you can wear it year-round.

Find a Cute Coverup

When you're attending a Fourth of July party at a pool or on the beach, you'll want to make sure you have a cute coverup with you. This will help you to feel comfortable and covered when not in the water, as well as add an extra something for pictures. From a flowy kimono to a cute sarong, there are various ways to dress up your suit and have you feeling cute and comfortable. We even have a red tassel coverup which would be perfect for the party.

Another option is to pair your swimsuit with a cute pair of white shorts or cut-off blue jean shorts for wearing before and after taking some time to swim. You can easily pair them with a one- or two-piece swimsuit and won't even need a top or anything, as either will look like a cute bodysuit or crop top.

Go Minimal with Jewelry

We know it might be tempting to wear jewelry, but if you're going to be swimming, you probably want to stick to very minimal jewelry that won't get lost. Some rubber bracelets in red, white, and blue are great options for a party, and they won't be affected by you jumping in and out of the water. Patriotic beads are another great choice, as you won't be concerned if they become damaged from the water.

Don't Forget the Hair

You can really make a statement with your hair and adding a little detail to your hair can add a lot to your look for the party. A patriotic bandana is a great choice, as you can tie it up in your hair like a headband, holding your bangs back, or you can even use it as a hair ribbon around your ponytail or bun. It'll add the perfect touch of red, white, and blue to your look, without getting in the way of your fun in the sun.

When you accessorize just right, you'll be one of the most patriotic people there for the party. Just make sure you remember sunscreen, maybe a hat, and to enjoy the time with friends and family. Lighting some sparklers is always a must as well!