A good swimsuit can make you feel like a rockstar at the pool. What type of swimsuit you should wear not only depends on your body type, but also on what makes you feel comfortable.

To help you find the perfect type of swimsuit this summer, we’ve compiled our complete swimsuit buying guide to get you started.

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How Do I Choose a Swimsuit?

If finding the perfect outfit is hard, finding the perfect swimsuit might be even harder. But don’t despair, there’s a suit out there for everyone. If you’ve ever wondered, “what suit should I wear?” the endless selection might feel slightly overwhelming.

Before anything else, make sure your suit is comfortable and that it is a reflection of your personality and style. Mixing and matching different tops and bottoms can give you the custom look you want.

Look for durable, lined suits that are supportive enough to carry you through the season, and don’t be afraid to try out styles you’re unsure of. Who knows? You might discover your new perfect style and look.

Before you start to shop around, you should also take a look at what types of swimsuits you should wear for different scenarios, what types are available, and how to properly size your swimsuit so you get the perfect fit. Our swimsuit buying guide can get you started.

What Are the Different Types of Swimsuits?

The many types of swimsuits means there’s a fit and style for every body-type and preference. Before you start shopping around it’s good to know what’s available. Here’s a quick look at the many types of swimsuits you can choose from.

    • One Piece Suits: Additional coverage with good support. Perfect for all body types and active individuals.
    • Crop Tops: Fun and modern design with high necklines. These offer great bust support and look like a cropped tank top.
    • Crochet Tops: Offer a natural, organic look. Best for smaller busted women because they don’t offer much support. Look for well-made, lined crochet tops.
    • Halter Tops: Similar to triangle tops but offer more support with thicker fabric and thicker straps. Offer more coverage and support. Ideal for large-busted women.
    • Rash Guards: Made for surfers and other active ladies. T-shirt type of swimsuit tops that offer coverage and sun protection. They are typically worn over bikini tops and most don’t offer bust support on their own. Check for support before purchasing.
    • Bandeau: Strapless, simple tops that wrap around the chest. Some have fun designs, ruffles, ruching, and more. These don’t offer much support and aren’t ideal for large busted women or active days at the beach.
    • Tankini: Flexible two-piece suits that offer the coverage of a one piece. Tankinis come in a variety of styles.
    • Peplum Suits: Tankinis and one-piece suits are most common for peplum styles. They have added ruffles to the hips to add volume or extra coverage for your hips.
    • High Waisted Bottoms: Come up to or above the belly button.

Even if you’re not sure you’re going to like a style of swimsuit, try it out anyway. You might be surprised by what you love and how good you feel in your new suit.

How Do You Choose a Swimsuit for Your Body Type?

There are dozens of style options, but some are better suited to different body types than others or offer better support than others. If you have a larger chest, you’ll want to make sure that whatever style you choose has plenty of bust support such as an underwire or molded cups. Here are some quick tips on finding the right suit for you:

    • Large Bust: Part of being comfortable in your suit means choosing a swimsuit with the right support. There are lots of chest support options such as built-in shelf bras, underwire, and even molded cups. Try different options and find the fit you prefer.
    • Small Bust: If you have a smaller bust, ruching, padded cups, asymmetric tops, bandeau tops, or bows on the chest are going to be your best friend.

Picking a suit you love and that makes you feel amazing is our ultimate goal. And feeling comfortable in your suit and enjoying your time at the beach without worrying about how you look is the most important part of finding a great swimsuit.

What Color Swimsuit SHOULD YOU CHOOSE?

Another thing to consider when picking out a swimsuit that you’ll feel most comfortable in is to choose the right color. One fun way to mix it up, if you’re looking for something other than a solid color style, is to try out different patterns and prints. This opens up many options for you to choose from, helping you find that perfect suit that you’ll want to wear every chance you get. It’s important to try multiple styles, patterns, and colors so that you can find the suit you feel most excited and comfortable wearing.

And of course, the most important thing you can wear is your confidence, so choose what you feel comfortable in and what makes you feel great.

How Do You Determine Your Swimsuit Size?

Different companies and styles have different ways of measuring their swimsuit size. Some types of swimsuits are measured according to bra sizes, and others are similar to your t-shirt size. The best way to size yourself for a swimsuit is to take your measurements and order your swimsuit based on the company sizing chart. At Lime Ricki, our swimsuits are based on your t-shirt size to keep it simple.

Whatever size you are, it’s best to try a couple different styles and sizes to find the best fit. Feel free to size up or down if the fit isn’t quite right.

How Do You Measure a One Piece Swimsuit?

In order to get your sizing just right, you’ll need to take a few measurements. The most common measurements for swimsuit fit is the bust, waist, hips, and torso. If your measurements are incorrectly taken, you’ll struggle to find the right fit. Use a tape measure to find your correct measurements.

    • Bust: Keep your arms down and measure around the fullest part of your chest.
    • Waist: Measure around the smallest part of your waist. This is usually a few inches above your belly button.
    • Hips: With your feet together, measure your hips at the widest point.
    • Torso: For torso measurements, hold the tape measure at one of your shoulders, then pull it down over your chest, up in between your legs and back up to your shoulder.

How Do You Measure for a Tankini?

Taking your measurements for a tankini is the same as taking measurements for any other type of suit. The torso measurement is more flexible because the top and bottom of the suit are separate. Once you’ve taken your measurements, comparing your measurements to our sizing chart will help you find the perfect fitting swimsuit. And the best part about a tankini or other two-piece suit is that you can mix and match the size of your top and bottom to get the perfect fit!

Should You Buy a Swimsuit Size Smaller?

Swimsuit sizes vary from company to company. Lime Ricki’s swimwear usually corresponds to your t-shirt size, making it easy to find the right size for you. Try different sizes and different styles to find the best fit. Be adventurous and try things you’re not sure you will like. Try bright colors, neutrals, prints, and see what compliments your skin tone. You might be surprised at what you find.

For the best fitting suit, you’ll want to make sure your suit isn’t too tight or baggy in the rear. The better your suit fits, the more confident you will be. You should also jump around and move a bit when you try on your suit to make sure your suit holds you securely so you don’t have any wardrobe mishaps!

Are Swimsuits Supposed to Be Tight?

A well-fitting swimsuit should offer support to your body and chest, but shouldn’t be so tight that it digs into your skin or cuts off your circulation in any way. If your suit is too tight, it may cause strain on your legs, chest, or shoulders and the bust support may not be in the right place to give you adequate support. If you’ve ever had an ill-fitting suit, you know what we mean.

Do Swimsuits Shrink or Stretch?

Most types of swimsuits are made from polyester, spandex, nylon, or other synthetic materials. Synthetic materials are great for different types of swimsuits because they don’t absorb a lot of water and dry out faster than natural fabrics. However, you need to be careful when caring for your suit as these fabrics expand and stretch out in the water and in the wash. It’s normal for your swimsuit to expand a little when you’re swimming around, but you can prevent additional stretching by properly caring for your suit.

How Do You Care for a Swimsuit?

To properly care for your swimsuit, you should always wash your suit by hand and hang it to dry. Washing your suit in the washer can pull on it and stretch it out. You should also avoid the temptation to throw your suit in the dryer. While you might think the dryer would shrink your suit, the opposite is actually true. Drying your suit or exposing it to high temperatures (think hot tubs), will wear out the elasticity of your swimsuit.

Other swimwear care tips include:

    • Don’t dry your suit in the sun: Yes, you can bring your suit inside to dry it off. Hanging it over your shower rod is a great way to protect your suit while it dries.
    • Lay your suit flat to dry: Hanging a dripping wet, heavy suit to dry can stretch out your suit. Instead, lay it flat on a towel to dry.
    • Don’t wear your (nice) suit in the hot tub: High temperatures will affect the elasticity of your swimsuit and wear it out. Wear your old suit to the hot tub.
    • Don’t wring out your suit: We know, it’s tempting. You want to get your suit dry as soon as possible, but writing it out can stretch your suit. Instead, roll it in a towel to get out any excess water.

Avoid the dreaded saggy butt by hand washing and air drying your suit. Check out some additional swimwear care tips from our blog.

The Perfect Fit

Trying to answer, “what swimsuit should I wear?’ is tough, but a great selection and a swimsuit buying guide make it easier. No matter what type of swimsuit you choose, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable rocking it at the pool or beach this summer.

Confidence is the best accessory you can wear, so what are you waiting for? Check out Lime Ricki’s new collection today and find your new favorite swimsuit.


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