Spring break is just around the corner, which means you’re probably getting ready to take some fun trips. It can be hard to remember everything you need when you have an adventure on the brain, so we put together a list of twenty-one essentials for your Spring Break packing list!

1-2 bathing suits - Depending on how long you’ll be gone and how often you plan on swimming, you should think about packing one or two bathing suits to give yourself a variety of styling choices.
Cover-up - Cover-ups give you some semblance of coverage while you’re in your bathing suit, which is nice if you’re taking a stroll around a beachy town or grabbing lunch at a seaside restaurant.
Sandals - The temperatures start rising during spring, which means–unless you have a lot of walking to do–you’ll want to leave the sneakers behind and opt for a stylish pair of sandals.
Maxidress - A maxidress is an easy, breezy way to dress up without feeling like you have to put a whole lot of effort into an outfit. It also saves room in your suitcase, since it’s so easy to fold and pack!
Floppy hat - Cover up a bad hair day, shield your face from the sun, or adorably accessorize with a large, floppy hat.
Shorts - It’s way too warm for pants these days! Try a classic or distressed pair of denim shorts this Spring.
T-shirts - T-shirts can be worn a lot of different ways and they’re easy to pack. You might even consider packing a different tee for every day you’ll be gone.
Heels - When it’s time to break out the maxidress and get a little dressed up, you’ll be glad you brought your favorite pair of heels along.
Jewelry - Jewelry lets you accessorize on casual AND dressy days. Make sure you pack the everyday jewelry that you always wear as well as some pretty earrings to match with that gorgeous maxidress and pair of heels!

Sunblock - PROTECT YOUR SKIN. Even if you don’t plan on laying out in the sun and getting a tan, it’s really important to wear sunscreen when you go outside.
Sunglasses - Protect your eyes and look adorable with a pair of your favorite sunnies! Think about packing two pairs, just in case you lose one on your trip.
Lip balm - A lot of lip balm is made with SPF in it, which means you can keep your lips from getting dry AND sunburned!
Mascara - Depending on what you plan on doing while you’re on your trip, you might not want to wear a lot of makeup. Break out the mascara for a special occasion when you want to make your eyes pop.
Dry shampoo - Let’s say you’ve been out all day and then your girlfriends suggest a night out. Don’t have time to shower? Carry a can of dry shampoo to add texture and volume for your evening look!
Nail polish - Keep your nails looking spiffy the whole trip or paint them for your special night out.

Beach bag - Whether you plan on spending time on the beach or by the pool, you need a bag bigger than your purse to carry all your necessities.
Phone charger - This one’s a no-brainer; don’t let your phone die while you’re on vacation!
Water bottle - You can have fun and stay hydrated at the same time. Pack a refillable water bottle to save money and the planet.
Towel - Dry off after a day of swimming or lay out with a good book.
Camera - Did you really go on vacation if you didn’t snap a bunch of pictures? …well, yes, you did. But the pictures you take can be made into a fun scrapbook that you can look back on later!
Book - Even the most fun vacations have their energy lulls. When you finally get a chance to rest, you’ll be glad you brought a good book along to read.

Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments!

February 28, 2022 — Shannon

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