Swimsuit shopping is tricky. We all know it. We all dread it. But I love working in the store because each person that comes in has a specific goal in mind: finding THE best swimsuit, a challenge I LOVE to assist them in. Each person will have different concerns (bust, waist, hips, the right color for their skin tone, etc.) and it’s an exhilarating task to help them navigate their options, and ultimately find “the one”.  I’m excited to introduce this new series where I’ll share real experiences from customers who’ve come into the store in hopes that it’ll help you in your own swimsuit shopping.

A question I get a lot is “Do you carry maternity swimsuits?” The answer is “Yes & No”. While we don’t carry any suits specifically for maternity, we have a great selections of suits that address the fit concerns you might have with a pregnancy suit: room to grow, support, and a style that is one trend. The biggest benefit of buying a LR suit in leu of a maternity suit is it will be something you can love during and after your pregnancy!

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Also, check out our fit guide size chart for even more fit advice!

June 02, 2014 — Claire White

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