It’s almost beach weather! It’s so close! Here in Utah at the Lime Ricki headquarters, we unfortunately don’t have many beaches, but I’m looking forward to pool days just as much and I’m definitely going to be planning as many California trips as I can. The one thing I need to stock up on, though (aside from swimsuits, of course) is beach accessories! With kids and friends tagging along, going the beach is now much more than laying out and reading a book by the ocean.

These 11 items are high on my must-have beach gadgets list:

1. Bluetooth speaker

Music is a necessity, whether it’s the soundtrack to your sand castle building or a pump-up anthem for your sand volleyball game. This is my favorite speaker because not only does it have awesome sound quality, but it’s also waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about it breaking if something happens.

2. Huge beach towels
The bigger the beach towel, the better! It seems like smaller towels always collect more sand or get blown by the wind more easily. I’ll be taking a towel to the beach this year because it’s super cute and huge! We’re even selling these in our Lime Ricki stores now, so come in and pick yours up today!

3. Cooler
Normally, I would just take a regular cooler to the beach or pool, but I stumbled across a trendy one on Amazon and thought it was awesome! It pops out two little tables and stools that would be the perfect place for kids to sit and eat lunch or snack without getting the food all sandy.

4. Beach tent
When I had little babies or toddlers, a beach tent or umbrella was a must in order to keep the sun’s rays off their sensitive skin. Even now, though, I like to have some kind of shade so I’m not spending all day in the sunshine. A gorgeous beach tent can be so useful to protect yourself from the sun and it's big enough to fit the whole family!

5. Waterproof phone case
Of course, you need your phone with you to take tons of cute photos of your family, but what about when you leave it behind to go play with them? I always have problems with my phone getting sandy or getting dripped on by salty hands or chlorinated water. These waterproof phone pouches are the needed solution – they keep your phone dry, still usable, and you can even wear it around your neck for a walk down the beach.

6. Camera
Along the same lines as waterproofing your phone, you might want a waterproof camera as well so you can take some cool shots underwater while you’re snorkeling or body-boarding. You can buy waterproof disposable cameras at any drugstore, or if you’re looking for something a little more lasting, a Sunnylife camera is cute and functional! It does take film though, so make sure you know what you’re doing before you buy.

7. Hair ties
Taming my hair can be a struggle on a normal day, but when you combine it with the wind and saltwater on the coast, it can become almost unmanageable! Fun hair ties help keep my locks out of my face so I can truly enjoy my time at the beach. Check out our collection of swimwear-inspired scrunchies to mix and match with your favorite Lime Ricki swimsuit and other women's accessories!

8. Drink holder
How many times have you spilled your drink on your towel or gotten grains of sand on your straw? I came across SPIKER cup holders on Pinterest! They stick into the sand so your drink stays elevated and steady, keeping it away from sand or the advancing tide.

9. Solar panels
Being out all day causes my phone battery to drain quick, and if I bring along my tablet or Kindle to read a book, I don’t want that to die either! Since the beach tends to have an absence of plugs, I like to bring a solar panel charger. We found one on Amazon that has two USB ports, a micro USB port, and even doubles as a flashlight. Bonus: it’s also waterproof!

10. Bag
Of course you’ll need a bag to tote your phone, sunscreen, book, and Bluetooth speaker! My favorite simple beach bag is a tote from It’s super cute and you’ll never misplace it because it’s so bright and fun!

11. Beach wagon
With all these gadgets and accessories, plus kids, you might need a way to get them all to the beach! A wagon has been a lifesaver for me: it’s collapsible and has pockets on the outside for drinks or sunscreen or whatever else you might need.

What are your favorite beach accessories that you won’t leave home without? If you’re looking for even more ideas for what you might need, check out our spring break essentials post!

March 09, 2016 — Shannon

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