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Saltwater Sandals

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While finding the perfect swimsuit is important, the right footwear is always crucial. Here at Lime Ricki, we understand that shoes can make the outfit – or the swimsuit! From the always popular and comfortable Saltwater Sandals to slip-ons, slides and mules, and Birk style shoes, you will be sure to find something comfortable and cute for your feet. Perfect for your next day at the beach or grabbing dinner in your favorite summer dress, these options are a must-have for any wardrobe.

Step out in style with this collection of women's sandals! Are you looking for a cute pair of slides you can slip on quickly and be on your way in style? We have you covered with options that let you go from office to nighttime plans without changing shoes. These slip-on slides offer style and comfort you are sure to love. Do you need a pair of sandals perfect for the beach or just everyday life? Check out Salt Water sandals and find your perfect fit. This beloved sandal is made with quality leather in a range of colors which is only part of the appeal. They are waterproof and mold to your feet! You simply soak them in water, put them on, and let them mold to your feet so you get the perfect fit for the best in comfortable beach shoes. They are so stylish and comfortable that you will likely wear them as part of your regular wardrobe and not just to the beach. Perfect for any occasion or outfit, these Salt Water shoes are available in strappy sandals and slides so you can always find the perfect pair for you. Whether you choose the casual yet professional slides or something specifically for a beach day, we have you covered with all the great styles you need to look and feel your most confident. Shop today and step out in colorful style.

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