2020 got you down? Let's be honest, it is a very tough year and there's nothing wrong with acknowledging that. Everyone is feeling a little more worn than usual, and everyone needs a good laugh or a break occasionally.

Luckily, we've given some thought to how to create a fun and memorable experience for you whether you are going to the beach, the lake at the cabin, or your backyard pool.

We've collected some things you can do to give yourself a little summer getaway experience for yourself or for your family during the season to capture the spirit of beachside or lakeside adventures and fun. Not only can you create new memories with a little assistance from a few of these must-have swim accessories, but you can give yourself a much-needed break from the everyday. Pair these with our exceptionally comfortable, cute, and modest swimwear and you'll never want to get out of the water!

Must-Haves for Swimming Fun Goggles

Whether swimming laps or simply cooling off during a hot day, goggles are a great swim accessory for the kids who love to dive and see underwater or for the adults that do, too! Not only are they fun, but they are an excellent eye protectant as well. Goggles keep eyes safe against irritants such as water, dirt, debris, chlorine, and any other cleaning chemicals and potentially harmful bacteria (like pink eye) found in some pools.

Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

Waterproof technology has come a wonderful, long way. If you love listening to your favorite music whenever you're in the pool or around it—or want to set the mood for any event, a floating Bluetooth speaker might be exactly what you are looking for! Many of these speakers come with delightful extra features such as subwoofers for surprisingly deep bass, crystal clear sound, and even gorgeous LED lights for night-time fun. Hot tub or pool, you could take your favorite music with you on your swim.

Poolside Tray

If you ever wanted to capture the sensation of a Tropical getaway where drinks and dinner were served right to the edge of the water, then you need a poolside tray! Whether you have an above-ground or even an inflatable pool, there are several varieties to choose from—from small and detachable to large and floating! Floating or removable trays come in many resort-like luxurious textures and forms, or modern and easy to care for designs. Several models have been built to be floating coolers where ice can be placed, and drinks can be kept ice-cold all day or all evening.

Whenever you feel like you need a sip of cool refreshing water or indulge in your favorite wine in your best glass while nibbling on a grape, these trays are an excellent addition to your swim season accessories.

Lounge Away on the Water

Take a moment to stretch out and bob gently on the water with a gorgeous pool lounging chair. When it comes to relaxing and reading a book, scrolling your phone, listening to your favorite tunes, soaking up the sun, or just wanting to float away, there are nearly endless choices for pool floats and loungers to choose from.

For the ultimate in comfort, consider a lounger or float that is coated with a soft sun-resistant fabric to ease into. Of course, there is always the inflatable lounge without fabric in fun patterns, colors, and kid-friendly shapes to entertain and even pool hammocks to lay about in, letting the stress melt away. If too much sun is a concern for you, several sturdy models now provide a cooling sun canopy to keep the light and glare out of you or your little one's eyes, keeping them out of harmful direct sunlight. Ride on a mystical unicorn spread out on a soft silky lounger, or float away on an adorable inflatable slice of pizza. Whichever you decide, a lounger for the pool is essential for those perfect, peaceful moments.

Pool Fountain

These days, having your very own beautiful fountain is no longer a hugely expensive ordeal. You can own your very own pool fountain without having to craft it yourself or hire a slew of professionals to do it for you. Many small pool fountains at affordable and attainable prices can now be placed in not only below-ground pools but above ground and even inflatable pools. Fountains aerate your pool water, cooling it down, meaning your afternoon swim may be even more refreshing than usual. Pool fountains also help keep the water circulating, which is essential to distributing the chemicals needed to keep the pool clean and prevents anything from growing in stagnant water.

Last, but never least, the sound of gently trickling water has often been contributed to relieving stress. The sound of water has often been a sound many of us listen too for a stress-reducing effect. Adding a fountain to your pool means you can have the real sound at any time!

Games and Sports

Get everyone moving more and having a great time when you add swim accessories that allow kids and kids at heart to play.

  • Pool volleyball with floating net
  • Pool Basketball
  • Classic dive rings
  • Mermaid tails for the mermaid lovers
  • Joust! Float toward your opponent and fight off a rival with soft inflatable dueling boppers.
  • Channel your inner cowboy or cowgirl with an inflatable bull to ride in your swimming pool, getting friends and family to rock it and see who can hold on the longest.
  • Turn your backyard pool into an underwater obstacle course with swim through rings.

With these must-have pool or beach accessories, transform the way you enjoy, have fun, and relax in the water no matter where you swim! When you need a tropical resort-like getaway or something to unwind and destress from the day, you're sure to be entertained or soothed with these perfect accessories to get you to dive back in!