Every spring and summer you may notice being bombarded with a dizzying array of advertisements about your body, tossing terms about like beach body and the perfect summer body with guides that use confusing terms. Bottom hourglass, inverted triangle, diamond, triangle, neat hourglass, lollipop, and so on. What does it even mean and, why do people feel the need to categorize a woman's body so much?

Have you ever tried something on and thought: "I can't wear this because it's for a lollipop body and I'm an inverted triangle?" Of course not. You say things like, "I can't wear this because it's too tight here, too small there, too loose here," and so on.

Navigating how to choose the right swimwear for you can sometimes be a bit of a nightmare, as companies and manufacturers make swimsuits that feature almost cookie-cutter dimensions and sizes in a strange one-size-fits-all-women idea that could not be more further from the truth. Our bodies are not all the same. Our body shape is not as clear cut and as dry as a small, medium, and large.


The number one feature that should influence what swimwear or swimsuit is right for you is comfort. We truly believe confidence is the most beautiful look for every woman. Choosing comfortable means, you can enjoy yourself rather than spend hours or even the entire day by the water worrying about what you are wearing. Wearing a swimsuit that makes you feel as if you always need to adjust it simply takes away from your enjoyment and may even keep you out of the water.

Choose a comfortable bathing suit and you know you will be dressed appropriately to your standards, whether swimming during a family vacation, a backyard staycation, or over at a friend's house, allowing you to fully embrace feeling confident and having fun!


If you have a large chest, shopping for underclothing alone can often be beyond a hassle. Trying to find a swimsuit that will fit your top half and not be saggy or too big at the bottom is too often impossible for many women. When finding a swimsuit, some of the features of the suit you may want to look for are mix and match tops and bottoms like tankinis and tops with swim bottoms. Purchasing separates means that you can ensure the top you purchase fits and the bottoms will also fit without worrying if one part of the swimsuit is off in size.

The great thing about our tankinis, tops, and bottoms is that they are specifically designed to be mixed up and our collection pairs well with each other. Not only does that leave you to experiment with a swimsuit's look but allows you to keep your style fresh and new each time you wear one.

Additionally, you'll want reliable as well as comfortable support in the construction of the top. Many of our cute tankinis and tops come with these cozy comforts:

  • Sewn-in shelf bra with foam cups
  • Double-lined shelf bra with foam cups
  • Adjustable straps
  • Double or sewn-in shelf bra with removable foam cups
  • Bralette and racerback tankinis

Our swimwear also features an exceptionally tailored structure, so you can run around without the worry of a wardrobe malfunction or fabric slip.

Style Your Personality

Being comfortable should never mean wearing a suit that you feel is underwhelming or worse, a little drab compared to who you are. You are one-of-a-kind and there is no one exactly like you in the entire world. Your tastes, your personality, and what makes you, well, you, should be easily captured in beautiful or fun and quirky swimsuit designs.

Solid color or delightful patterns or a bold statement—or all for however you feel that day!

Show that you've arrived and the fun in the sun is about to start with a standout, bold pattern. Some examples you might like if bold is you:

  • Leopard Halter Tankini Top
  • Lemonade Vintage Tankini Top
  • Tropical Vintage Bralette
  • Retro Daisy Knotted One-Piece
  • Rainbow Stripe Bandeau One-Piece
  • Abstract Floral Cinch-Neck Tankini Top
More of a solid color fan? Why not consider:
  • Lavender Open-Back One-Piece
  • Red Square-Neck Crop
  • Midnight A-Back Peplum
  • Plum Cinch-Neck Tankini Top, Racer Back Tankini Top, or Classic Peplum Tankini Top

Tops and bottoms can be mixed and matched in a two-piece suit, meaning the combinations to match your day, mood, or style for the moment is nearly endless.

If you love vintage, retro, or nostalgic fashion you can't go wrong with a beautiful peplum and seer-sucker design like the gorgeous designs featured in our Seaside collection. One shoulder or one-piece, delicate ruffles, and pastel-cute colors are sure to be perfect!

Do you burn easily whenever you are out in the sun? Sun-sensitive ladies may feel like they have a harder time choosing the right swimsuit, but if you still want to head out on a gloriously sunny day and don't want to burn, the right swimsuit can offer stylish protection without worry. A rash guard's long-sleeved tops are perfect for sensitive skin and come in a variety of bold patterns and colors that can be mixed or matched with bottoms for a unique look!

Overall, the most essential feature in how to choose the right swimsuit for you ultimately comes down to comfort. If you aren't comfortable, you aren't having fun.

So next time you're on the hunt for the flawless swimsuit that will allow you to avoid constantly worrying about slips, adjustments, or having to cover up and stay out of the water, Lime Ricki will have your back! Our modest yet cute swimsuits were created by women, specifically for women to have you feeling fantastic and looking great! It's time to get back into the water!